Design Your Integrations

This guide will help you brainstorm an integration. It is meant for users who are not necessarily coding, but want to determine the integration needs. We'll show you how to design an integration, determine what you need, and how to execute it.


All native Chargify integrations; Chargify's API
You Need
An understanding of what integrations you need, and the actions that must occur within the integration.

Design an Integration

Use the resources below to help get started.

1. Install a native integration

Chargify offers a handful or native integrations.

Most common
- Salesforce: Install Salesforce
- Hubspot: Install Hubspot
- Netsuite: Install Netsuite

- Mailchimp: Install Mailchimp
- Twilio sms dunning: Install Twilio

2. Send usage to Chargify  optional

If you are integrating metered usage or events-based billing, you will want to send usage to Chargify. Get started here.

3. Build a custom 3rd party integration (with code) optional  for developers

This method is for developers, especially those who already know what they want to build. 

If you are building a custom integration with code, check out the Core Resources for Building an Integration guide. It's a collection of core resources for webhooks and APIs, that will help point you in the right direction.

Chargify can help point you in the directions of the right documented resources, such as Chargify webhooks and Chargify API endpoints, but will not write any code for you.

4. Build a custom 3rd party integration (with iPaaS)  optional for non-developers

This method is for non-developers, who want to build integrations without writing code.

If you are building a custom integration without writing code, check out the iPaaS section of Core Resources for Building an Integration guide. It will help you get started.

Chargify does not assist in building, debugging, maintaining, or supporting anything you or a developer builds with iPaaS. However, based on your plan, Chargify can assist with helping you determine which Chargify Webhooks and Chargify APIs to use.



  1. Will Chargify build an integration for me as a professional service?
    No. Chargify is a Product-focused company, rather than Custom-service-focused.

  2. I don’t have developers, but I need something built. What is the best approach?
    Use an iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service). We recommend Zapier or Cyclr. See the Build a Custom Integration section above for more information.
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