Twilio SMS Dunning

SMS Dunning allows you to send SMS (text) messages to customers throughout the dunning process.


You will need a Twilio account to use this integration.

We suggest that you use one Twilio number per Advanced Billing site. It is possible for customers to unsubscribe from SMS dunning messages so you will want to make sure they are not unsubscribed from a secondary Advanced Billing site.

We also suggest sending both emails and SMS messages during dunning so that customers will still receive an email even if they unsubscribe from SMS messages.

Advanced Billing Overview

Configure Twilio integration settings

Fill in your Twilio number and Twilio API credentials. You can find them in Twilio on the following two pages:

Your credentials in Twilio

Remember: if someone at your organization regenerates your Twilio credentials, the integration will stop working until you update the credentials in Advanced Billing.

After you have filled in your Twilio credentials and enabled the integration you can go to your Advanced Billing Settings and go to the “Retries and Dunning” tab.

Adding an SMS message to your dunning settings

You can add an SMS message to each dunning step by adding or editing new messages in the Dunning Schedule.

When editing or adding a step, toggle the “Send SMS” switch at the bottom of the editor. That will show a text box for a message body.

The SMS message body also supports Liquid fields. More information on those can be found in the liquid examples documentation.

Please make sure to include “STOP” and “HELP” text in each of your dunning messages. See the Twilio docs on SMS Filtering for more information.

Also, note that it is a good idea to keep your text messages short and sweet (160 characters is recommended).

And that’s it! Customers who have provided a cell phone number will now receive SMS messages on all of the configured dunning steps.

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