Intro to Quickstart Guides

Welcome to the Onboarding Quickstart Guides. These guides will help you implement and configure Maxio.

Quickstart categories

These guides are structured to mirror Maxio Onboarding. The sections are best completed in chronological order. Each section depends on its previous section being completed.

1. Catalog
Design and create your catalog.
2. New User Signups
Design and implement your new user signup process, and any post-signup workflows.
3. Subscription Management
Design and implement your subscription management process, and any post subscription management workflows.
4. Settings
Configure your settings
5. Integrations and Workflows
Design and build any necessary integrations or workflows.
6. Finance and Reporting
Configure finance and reporting.
7. Data Migration
How to migrate data to Maxio.
8. Testing Tips
Final testing tips before going live.

Summary sections

Each guide has a summary section that outlines what you need to get started and the relative difficulty. Make sure to review these sections, so you can gather the right member(s) of your team to complete the guide. For example, some guides require a developer with access to your backend systems, and some guides require a team member with access to your entire pricing catalog.

Prebuilt samples and diagrams

Prebuilt samples, when applicable, are provided to showcase a lightweight implementation of a particular feature. Use these to help create ideas as you implement your own. As an example, in Accept Signups with Chargifyjs, you can click the "Try it out" button to open the prebuilt example. Each example is matched with a technical diagram that carefully describes the workflow.

Interactive tools

Interactive tools, when applicable, are provided to help you get started faster. For example, in Accept Signups with Public Signup Pages, you can use the Theme Explorer to browse different themes.

Finance & general ledger

If you are using Maxio's finance tools, use the Maxio education course. Please ask your implementation consultant for access.

Content requests

If there is a particular quickstart guide you would like to be included, you can request it by emailing Over time, the most requested guides will be added.

Questions and support

Support depends on your plan type and Onboarding package. For any questions, please ask your implementation consultant or email

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