Configure Custom Fields

This guide will help you optimally configure your custom fields.


Custom Fields
You Need
An understanding of your business' custom fields requirements.

Configure Custom Fields

Create the custom fields to attach to the Customer or Subscription.

1. Create custom field
Go to Config > Custom Fields.


  1. Create the Custom Field   Help
    Click "+ Create Custom Field".

  2. Set the Name   Help
    This name can be both internal and customer-facing, based on the custom field's settings. Tips: If you are interacting with these fields programmatically, consider names that resemble data points such as "my_custom_field". If you are creating fields that are meant to be read by a person, consider names such as "My Custom Field".

  3. Select the Attached to   Help
    Select whether the field is going to be attached to the Subscription (most common) or Customer.

  4. Select the Field Type   Help
    Select whether the field is going to be a Text, Dropdown, or Radio Button field. This controls how the field will present itself in the Advanced Billing Admin UI, Public Signup Page, and Billing Portal.

  5. Optional - Set Field Options for Dropdown or Radio Button   Help
    Add and set options for either the Dropdown or Radio Button field (this is not available for the text field).

  6. Set display options    Help

    Display Field Data on CSV Export
    Enables your subscription-based (from step 3) custom field values to show on the Subscriptions Export.

    Display Field Data on Invoices
    Shows your custom fields on the bottom left hand corner of invoices

    Display Field Data on Customer Portal
    Allows your customers to read/add/update this custom field value in the Billing Portal

2. Test
Once you create all your custom fields, test them from the perspective of your staff and end-customers, where applicable. Examples to test: create a subscription with custom fields, update a subscription with custom fields.

Optional - Show custom field on invoice
Optional - Show custom field on PSP
Go to Catalog > Public Signup Pages > next to the Product of your choice, click the Actions dropdown > click Edit > scroll to the bottom of the page > checkmark the custom fields to display on the PSP.
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