Getting Started as a User

The Advanced Billing platform provides enhanced functionality to support your evolving monetization strategy with a flexible billing engine built for your B2B needs. Advanced Billing facilitates several ways to monetize products and services, including many upfront and usage-based pricing models.

You can get up and running with  Advanced Billing as a new user using the helpful resources below. These resources will assist you in creating your first site in Advance Billing and building out your products, components, and subscriptions.

Important Note

This information is intended for users of Advanced Billing who will primarily be working within the application. If you are a developer who is looking for more information on the API, please refer to this help article.

Setup Guide

The in-app Setup Guide is the best place to start when setting up your Advanced Billing account. The Setup Guide walks you through the various tasks for implementing Advanced Billing.

The guide displays your onboarding status at the top of the screen to track the real-time progress of each individual task. Be sure to check out the Tool Kit to explore Maxio Academy, our help documentation, and invite team members to your account.

Other Helpful Resources

You should also check out the following resources as you work through the Setup Guide for more information:

  • System Overview: Be sure to read this help article if you are a brand new Advanced Billing user. It provides a brief overview of the system and it's various functions.¬†
  • Quick Start Guides: Check out our Quick Start Guides for additional information and context about the process for implementing Advanced Billing.
  • Developer Portal: The Advanced Billing developer documentation provides all of the information you need to build an integration with our system
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