Custom Pricing

Elegantly manage your sales-negotiated subscriptions alongside your self-sign-up subscriptions without bloating your Product Catalog and streamline your workflows by defining subscription-specific prices on-the-fly.

Custom Pricing allows you to define a price for a Product or Component that is specific to a Subscription. These prices are defined within the context of a subscription action (e.g. update pricing, update quantity), and they do not appear in the Product Catalog.

How to Use Custom Pricing

You can use Custom Pricing via our API, Salesforce integration, UI (within the Subscription pages), or a combination thereof. Visit our API docs to learn about using Custom Pricing via our API. Read below for everything you need to know about using Custom Pricing in our UI.

Custom Pricing for Components

You can set Custom Prices for Components via the Update Price action.

A Custom Price for a Component has similar configurable attributes as a Component Price Point: pricing scheme, unit price, price bracket start, price bracket end, and tax inclusive. One difference from a Component Price Point in your Product Catalog is that there is only one currency to configure: the currency of the Subscription.


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