Integrate Payment Gateways

This guide will help you configure your payment gateways within Chargify. When you’re finished, you will be able process transactions through the connected payment gateways.


Chargify Feature
Payment Gateways
You Need
A payment gateway account from the supported list.

Connect a Payment Gateway

These steps will walk you through connecting a payment gateway. You can configure one at a time, or all at once.

1. Add the gateway in Chargify
Go to Config > Payment Gateways.


  1. Click "+ Add Gateway"
    In the top right hand corner of the Payment Gateway page, click "+ Add Gateway".


  2. Click the gateways to add
    Click the gateway, and a blue checkmark will appear. When you’re done selecting all gateways, click Continue in the bottom right corner.

2. Authenticate with your credentials
In this step, you will add your real credentials.


  1. For each gateway you selected, click Connect
    Each gateway will have its own steps. Chargify will make it very straightforward to follow them.


  2. Add your gateway credentials   Help find my credentials
    If you need help finding your credentials, use the help link. Note: if your gateway uses a single sign on connector, you do not need your credentials, just follow the steps instead.

  3. Set your gateway handle
    Typically, you would just name it like the gateway name. For instance, for the Braintree Gateway, set the handle to braintree (all lowercase). Tips: if you are using more than one of the same gateway, try naming like braintree-1, braintree-2. If you are a developer using Chargifyjs, the handle is especially important because it will impact your API implementation.
3. Route payment types
This step sets default payment routing, such as all credit card payments defaulting to a specific gateway.


  1. For each gateway you selected, choose a routing option
    Routing controls which payment profiles go to which gateway. 


  2. Review the results
    Make sure everything looks correct. If you need to edit, see the optional Edit Gateway Connection step.

4. Test
Make sure you interact with all connected gateways before your real customers do. Connection errors can happen (most commonly incorrect credentials), and you’ll want to catch these before your customers do.

Test Mode
If your Site is in Test Mode, use the test cards from the Gateways website (you can typically find these with a quick Google search).

Live Mode
Use a payment method, and create a real subscription. Best practice is to create a small product for $1 (most gateways require a minimum of $0.50 - $1.00), and see if the payment is successful. If it is not successful, Chargify will display the error message returned from the Payment Gateway. If the error message is not clear, try Google searching the error message verbatim with quotes, or email for assistance.


Optional - Edit gateway connection
Edit a gateway connection.


  1. Click the edit arrow, then click Gateway Settings


  2. Choose what to edit, then save changes
    You can edit Payment Types, Gateway Credentials, Gateway Handle, Email Address (only applicable to single sign on connections), or disconnect the gateway.


Optional - Require CVV for credit cards
Go to Config > Settings > Fields and check the box for CVV Required. If needed, learn more.


Optional - Configure AVS
If you need Address Verification Service, configure this at the gateway level. Any time a payment is attempted, Chargify will pass the proper information to the Gateway, the Gateway will perform the AVS check, and return a response to Chargify.

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