Create Signups in Salesforce

This guide show you how to create new signups in Salesforce.


You Need
Complete the Salesforce Installation

Create a new signup in Salesforce Diagram

This process will allow you to create a subscription preview in Salesforce, that can be converted to a subscription automatically or manually, when the Opportunity (Opp) is closed won.

1. Create a SF Account/Contact/Opp
Prior to creating a subscription, you will need to create a Salesforce account, followed by creating a contact and opportunity under that new account.

For Quick Testing
Create an account, followed by a contact and opportunity

For Implementation
Ensure you are following your real workflow (this could be manual account creation, or automated if you have an existing sales workflow in place, or if you are building a new automated workflow). When that piece of the workflow is ready to go, proceed to step 2.


2. Create a subscription preview from the Opp
On the Opp you created in step 1, create the subscription preview.


  1. Click "New Subscription"
    Visit the Opportunity under the new account and click the "new subscription" custom button.

  2. Configure the subscription options
    Choose the configuration options for the subscription from the subscription wizard page (
    Invoice type, Invoice collection, Currency, First billing date, Net terms)


  3. Add line items
    Select an Offer or select an Advanced Billing product. If an Advanced Billing product is selected, then you can select components or coupons. Also, a different price point can be selected for an Advanced Billing product or component.


  4. Review and click "Save as Preview"
    Review the subscription preview information at the bottom of the wizard page is correct and then click "Save as Preview".

3. Activate subscription preview
Once the subscription preview has been saved, there's just one more step based on your configuration settings regarding the activation of a subscription preview.

Your settings will look like:

If #1 is checked
The integration will automatically create a subscription when the Opp is closed/won. You are done.

If #2 is checked
You will manually review subscription previews when when an Opp is closed won. Visit the subscription preview and click the "Activate Subscription" button which will create the subscription in Advanced Billing.

Optional - Generate an Offer URL
If your integration will utilize the Custom Offer URL feature, this can be done by clicking the "Generate Offer URL" button from the subscription preview page.


Next you will select which custom offer page template you'd like to use.


Then a new tab will appear with the custom offer page which the user would email/share with the prospect. Once the prospect completes the custom offer page, the subscription will be created in Advanced Billing.


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