Subscription Groups Introduction

Advanced Billing subscription groups allow merchants to group together individual subscriptions so that they can be billed on one consolidated invoice. These consolidated invoices will be issued on the primary group members' billing schedule.

Grouping subscriptions together can be done by clicking into a subscription and selecting “Create Subscription Group”. This will bring you to the subscription group management page which will display subscriptions that can be added to the group. In order for a Subscription to be added to a Group, it must be:

  • In the customer hierarchy or on the same customer record;
  • Set on either Automatic or Prepaid Payment Collection Method.

The subscription group user interface offers our merchants an easy way to view and edit the subscription groups they have created.

This page can be found by clicking on either the blue “Group - Primary” or gray “Group - Member” buttons found on a subscription in the group you are trying to access.


Once inside of the subscription group screen you will be able to manage the subscription group.


At the top of the page will be important information such as Open Balance, Credit Balance and Prepayment Balance. Credit and prepayment balances will be automatically consumed at the next billing date. Additionally clicking on the “View” button in each box will provide additional information on how that balance occurred.

Under the box for “Subscriptions” will be displayed all of the subscriptions currently associated with the group. Clicking on a subscription will bring you to the individual subscription.


Invoice Table

Towards the middle of the page will be the “Invoices” box. Here is where all of the consolidated invoices for the subscription group will be displayed. Clicking on the invoice will display the invoice where additional options will exist. Clicking on the Actions dropdown will allow you to view the invoice or view the invoice’s public URL.

Proforma Invoices for Subscription Groups

Below the invoice table will be the proforma invoice table. Here you will be able to create and view consolidated proforma invoices for the entire subscription group. More information about this can be found here: Proforma Invoices.

Migrating Group Members

When a subscription group member is migrated, it will create its “own” segment and consolidated invoice on the group, regardless of whether there are any pending segments already.


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