Testing Intro

After building out your products and components, you must verify the setup of your Site through simulating real usage. This way, you’ll know that your configuration options are correct. Additionally, you’ll know more about what your customers will experience.

Do not go live with a Site unless you have tested it thoroughly. Live sites deal with live credit card data. An untested Site can negatively affect a customer's experience.

Sandbox Sites

Once you have created a Site that matches your product offering in test mode, you’ll want to use this sandbox site to sign up subscriberscancel subscribersreactivate subscriptions, etc. Your goal is to simulate the life cycle of a subscription. This way you’ll be better equipped to deal with subscription questions as they come up from your valued subscribers.

sandbox is a Site that is in test mode that contains real versions of your products, but uses fake/test credit card data to simulate transactions.

Site Modes

  • Test Mode: Test mode only allows you to connect to “test” payment gateways (i.e. an Authorize.Net developers account) You may freely delete products and subscriptions on a Test Site, using the “Clear Data” functionality Advanced Billing reserves the right to delete test site data automatically after a certain time frame (i.e. any subscriptions created more than 3 months ago may be deleted).

  • Live Mode: Live mode will allow you to accept live credit cards with your gateway. When you are in live mode, your gateway should also be in live mode.

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