Group Actions

On the top right of the subscription group screen will be a “Group Actions” dropdown menu. Here you will find additional actions that can be performed against the subscription group.

Manage Group Members

If “Manage Group Members” is selected a screen that allows for adding or removal of group members to the subscription group will appear. After a subscription has been added or removed be sure to click the “Update Subscription Group” button to save the changes.


Give/Deduct Service Credit

Similar to how service credits work on the subscription level, service credits can be given and deducted on the subscription group level. These credits will be applied to the next issued consolidated invoice.


Record Prepayment

Recording a prepayment can also be done in the “Group Actions” dropdown. Once selected you can apply a prepayment to the subscription group.


Initiate Cancellation

Selecting “Initiate Cancellation” brings you to a cancellation prompt screen. On this screen you will be able to add cancellation notes, select when the subscription group will be canceled (now or at the end of the period), and if the cancellation should charge for unbilled usage.

Remittance subscriptions that are in dunning will not be included in this option.



Update Payment Method

Selecting the “Update Payment Method” button will allow you to add, edit or delete a subscription group's payment method.

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