Subscription Actions Overview

Once you have created a Subscription, you can perform many tasks on the Subscription itself. There are two locations where you can access Subscription actions.

From the Subscriptions page, click the More action ("...") located at the end of each Subscriber row. The following submenu popup appears.


You can also click on the Subscriber to view the Subscription, and then click Subscription Actions to view the list of actions.


Available Actions

Depending on the state of your subscription, the Actions menu will display different options.

Action Description
Give/Deduct Service Credit This option allows you to either issue or remove a service credit for the Subscription. Giving or deducting a service credit does no apply to one specific invoice; rather, it applies to the entire Subscription.
Record Prepayment Prepayments are actual payments that can be recorded in advance and go towards future invoices.
Issue Invoice Immediately This opens a Proforma preview of the invoice that will be generated. Verify that the information is correct, then click Confirm Invoice to issue.
Upgrade/Downgrade An upgrade/downgrade migration allows you to move a Subscriber to a new product using basic proration rules.
Initiate Cancellation When you initiate a cancellation, you have the option of canceling it immediately or at the end of the current billing period.
Update Payment Method Selecting this option directs you to the Payment Details tab. Choose to edit, add, or delete the payment method on file.
Create Subscription Group

Subscription Groups allow merchants to group together individual subscriptions so that they can be billed on one consolidated invoice. These consolidated invoices will be issued on the primary group members' billing schedule.

When you select this option, the given Subscription becomes the primary Subscription for the Subscription Group. The consolidated invoice is issued on the renewal date for the primary Subscription; all member Subscriptions inherit the primary's renewal date.

View self-service page This option logs you out of Advanced Billing and directs you to Advanced Billing’s secure page, where you can update the credit card for your Subscriber.
Put On Hold If the subscription is active, you can move it to the on-hold state (Subscription Actions > Put On Hold). While the subscription is on-hold, it will not go through the renewal process and nothing will be charged to the customer.
Delete Advanced Billing does not recommend deleting subscribers or customers from your site. However, if the need exists, and the “Unique Email” setting is enabled, the only way to sign up an existing customer is to ensure their customer entry and subscriber entry are deleted.
Legacy Options These actions are for legacy architecture only. Most of these functions can now be found on the Invoice tab.
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