Introduction to Advanced Billing

Advanced Billing is a complete billing and subscription management solution for any subscriptions based business. With Advanced Billing you can quickly bring new products and services to market, automate the necessary elements of a subscriptions business (e.g. invoicing, payment collection, renewals, etc.), and easily report on and analyze your results for optimal growth.

Here are a few of the key elements of the platform.   


The Advanced Billing application enables you to set up multiple sites to help organize based on your business. A site is essentially an instance of Advanced Billing that is used for a specific purpose, such as for a specific company, business unit, or for testing. Each Advanced Billing site has the complete set of features needed to manage your billing and subscriptions. 


Advanced Billing has a highly configurable catalog that enables you to set up the services you offer in the market to your exact specifications. The catalog is organized into Product Families and within each product family, you set up Products which define the basic subscription plan, components which can be added onto subscriptions, and coupons for enabling subscription discounts.


You can view and manage all of your subscriptions in Advanced Billing. This includes any type of change such as changing the product for a subscription, configuring subscription specific settings like net terms, canceling a subscription, and many more. 


All invoicing is automated by Advanced Billing with invoices issued on the schedule and for the payment method specific to each subscription. Within Advanced Billing, you can perform all actions needed on invoices as well, such as re-sending invoices, manually applying an externally received payment, etc. 


Advanced Billing is also highly configurable with many setting options so that you can tailor it to your business needs. For example, you can configure communication settings, content, and frequency for automated notifications to your customers. You can configure many options for the display of information on invoices.  These are just a couple of examples as there are essentially options for configuring across the application. 

Reporting and Analytics

Advanced Billing has many excellent tools for seeing, reporting, and analyzing results across your business. There are several pre-built standard reports in the application. Advanced Billing also offers a Business Intelligence capability which you can use to create custom data queries, charts, graphs and dashboards based on the needs of your business. 
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