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Transactions can be viewed from two locations in Advanced Billing:

  • Subscription view: View a set of transactions that are part of the specific subscription
  • Transaction view: View a set of transactions for a site

In the following article, we’ll cover the basics of viewing transactions from the transactions tab.

Transaction Tab

The transactions tab houses all of your transactions associated with your Advanced Billing site. The most recent transactions will be located at the top of the list. As you scroll further down the list, you’ll locate older transactions.

View and filter transactions for a site

In the screenshot above, we can see that the transactions tab is broken down into a few key areas:

Column Description
ID The unique identifier for the transaction
Date The timestamp of the transaction
Sub ID The ID of the subscription associated with the transaction
Product The name of the product associated with the subscription
Type The type of transaction. May be one of the following: charge, credit, adjustment, payment, refund, informational
Memo A note about the transaction
Amount The amount (formatted in currency) of the transaction
Sub. Balance The subscription balance after the transaction
Status Whether or not the transaction was successful


Deleting Transactions

You may not delete items from the transactions directly tab in Advanced Billing.


Transactions in Advanced Billing are paginated, meaning that only a list of 20 are displayed at one time.

Add ?per_page=200 to the end of the transactions URL to display more transactions. For example will display 200 versus 20 transactions.

Click through the numbered pages at the bottom of the transactions list to advance to the next page.

View number of pages of transactions in Advanced Billing

Filtering Transactions

You can use Advanced Billing’s filters to easily control what transactions are displayed. This helps if you are narrowing down a set of transactions to locate a specific event. Filtering is also useful before you elect to export a set of transactions.

Filter Description
From / To Filter by the date of the original transaction. Please note that this date may differ from the day the transaction posts.
All The default filter for transactions. This will include all transaction types.
Billing/Charge A positive amount assessed to a subscription for an item (i.e. a Product or Component) sale. Usually assessed at signup or renewal time.
Credit A negative amount assessed to a subscription that indicates a “return” or “credit” for an item (i.e. a Product or Component). Usually offsets an earlier charge, such as in the case of a prorated downgrade.
Payment A positive amount that denotes amount paid to you by the subscriber. Usually via their credit card or bank account via your payment gateway. Payments may also be recorded “manually” in the case of checks received, or money received outside of Advanced Billing.
Refund A refund amount, whether internal or external, applied to a subscription.
Adjustment/Coupon A positive or negative amount that adjusts the subscription balance but cannot usually be directly attributed to a single item (product or component)
Informational An informational transaction whose description provides context for transactions nearby in time, or serves as a placeholder for another transaction that could not be attempted (i.e. when payment cannot be attempted because no card is on file)


Exporting Transactions

Transactions can be exported through the transactions tab. To preview what data sets are included in the transactions export, please see our documentation here.

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