Updated End-of-Trial Behavior for Remittance Subscriptions

As of Thursday, February 10th 2022, we updated the end-of-trial behavior for Remittance subscriptions to Products with No Obligation Trials and with no card on file. Henceforth, these subscriptions will move into Active state. After moving to Active state, normal Net Terms rules and Dunning handling will apply.

The full logic tree for end-of-trial behavior now looks like this:

  • Successful charge → Active
  • Failed charge → Past Due
  • No card on file →
    • Payment Expected at End of Trial → Past Due
    • No obligation →
      • Automatic subscription → Trial Ended
      • Remittance subscription → Active (NEW)

Previously, these subscriptions moved into Trial Ended state.

Visit our help documentation for more information, and please reach out to Support if you have any questions.

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