Salesforce Integration Introduction

Advanced Billing’s Salesforce integration helps to streamline Salesforce workflows by allowing for more flexibility around Customer and Subscription creation in Salesforce. Additional object fields have been added such as Subscriptions and Transaction to make managing Account much easier.

The new Subscriptions object has a subscription preview for easy management of deal negotiations during the sales process.


A Transaction object has also been added that will show all transactions that have occurred in Advanced Billing. This is extremely helpful for managing the life cycle of an account and reporting.


Opportunities now have the ability to control when a subscription is created when moved to a Closed/Won state. A Subscription preview can also be added to the Opportunity so sales teams can reference any previously discussed pricing and create a subscription off of at a later date.

Availability & Requirements

  • Available on Salesforce Developer, Professional, Enterprise, and Unlimited plans
  • Works in sandbox and production Salesforce environments
  • Compatible with Salesforce Classic and Lightning
  • Supports multiple API keys and subdomains for linking multiple Advanced Billing sites to 1 Salesforce account
  • Supports Hierarchies

We strongly recommend testing the integration in a Salesforce sandbox account prior to enabling it in production. You can signup for a Salesforce developer account free of charge or create an additional sandbox environment in your existing Salesforce account. The most common issues that arise from using the integration are custom workflows and processes in an existing Salesforce account that, when untested, may interfere with or prevent the integration from syncing properly.

Trial Period

You will receive a 14 day free trial with 1 user license in Developer and Production Salesforce accounts once downloaded from the Salesforce Appexchange. Sandbox environments do not expire and provide unlimited licenses so you can continue to test for as long as you’d like.

Please contact Maxio Support to purchase user licenses if you wish to continue the service.

In the event that your trial for the SalesForce integration has expired, all Advanced Billing data will not be shown in your SalesForce account. If you'd like to extend your trial, we'll be happy to do so. Please contact to request this change. We will process your request for a trial extension as quickly as time allows.


Synced Fields

It is important to note that Advanced Billing is the central database in all cases. Depending on the selected sync configuration some fields may not sync.


The following Advanced Billing Customer and Site fields are linked to the standard Accounts object in Salesforce:

Salesforce Fields Name Advanced Billing Field Name
Account Name Organization/Company
Advanced Billing CC Emails CC Emails
Advanced Billing Created At Created At
Advanced Billing Customer Id Advanced Billing ID
Advanced Billing Parent Customer Id Parent
Advanced Billing Reference Id Reference ID
Advanced Billing Tax Exempt Tax Exempt
Advanced Billing Updated At Updated At
Advanced Billing VAT Number VAT Number
Shipping Street Shipping Address 1
Shipping Country Shipping Country
Shipping City Shipping City
Shipping State Shipping State
Shipping Zip Shipping Zip

Price Book Entry

The following Price Book entries fields are synced.

Salesforce Field Name Advanced Billing Field Name
Active N/A
Currency Default Price Point (Currency)
List Price Default Price Point (Price)
Product related Product Name
Product Code Coupon Code


Advanced Billing Products are stored in the standard Products object in Salesforce.

Products may not be created in Salesforce. Additionally, product attributes cannot be edited in Salesforce.


Salesforce Field Name Advanced Billing Field Name
Product Name Product Name
Product Description Product Description
Product Code Accounting Code
Advanced Billing API Handle API Handle
Advanced Billing Family Product Family
Advanced Billing Id ID
Advanced Billing Site Subdomain
Product Currency DefaultCurrency


The fields that will be populated in the Subscription Object in Salesforce.

Salesforce Field Name Advanced Billing Field Name
Account N/A
Activated At Activated At
Balance Current Balance in Cents
Advanced Billing Id Subscription ID
Advanced Billing Site Site the Subscription is in
Contact N/A
Created By N/A
Created by Opty N/A
Created by Preview N/A
Currency Currency
Current Billing Amount Current Billing Amount in Cents
Last Modified By N/A
Owner N/A
Product Product
Product Price Product Price
Revenue Total Revenue in Cents


The fields that will be populated in the Advanced Billing Events Object in Salesforce. More on Advanced Billing Events

Salesforce Field Name Advanced Billing Field Name
Event Name Name
Advanced Billing ID Event ID
Key Event Key
Message Event Message
Event Created At Created At
Account Account URL
Contact Contact URL
Advanced Billing Subscription  Subscription URL


The fields that will be populated in the Advanced Billing Transactions Object in Salesforce. 

Salesforce Field Name Advanced Billing Field Name
Transaction Name Name
Advanced Billing ID Transaction ID
Type Transaction Type
Kind Transaction Kind
Product Product
Component Component
Memo Memo
Gateway Used Gateway Used


The fields that will be populated in the Advanced Billing Invoices Object in Salesforce. 

Salesforce Field Name Advanced Billing Field Name
Invoice Number Invoice Number
Advanced Billing ID Advanced Billing ID
Collection Method Collection Method
Status Invoice Status
Role Role
Issued Date Issued Date
Due Date Due Date
Paid Date Paid Date
Discount Amount Discount Amount
Tax Amount Tax Amount
Subtotal amount Subtotal Amount
Refund amount Refund Amount
Paid Amount Paid Amount
Credit Amount Credit Amount
Due Amount Due Amount
Total Amount Total Amount

If you are having any issues with your Salesforce integration, the first place to investigate is the “Advanced Billing Event Logs” object within the Salesforce managed package. This section includes information about which Lead, Account, Contact and Opportunity records encountered errors during insert or update via Webhook or API.

If you require further support, please contact Maxio Support and we will be happy to assist you. Please be sure to mention which version of the package you are using.

Enable Support Access

Occasionally Advanced Billing will need to view your SalesForce account to troubleshoot an issue. You can easily grant us access by following the steps below:

  1. Navigate to “My Settings” to view your personal settings in SalesForce
  2. In left column click Personal -> Grant Account Login Access
  3. Enable Maxio Support by selecting duration in dropdown. We recommend enabling support access for 1 week.
  4. Save

If for any reason you cannot perform these steps, the following elements may be present:

  • A system admin disabled the ability for non-admins to grant access.
  • The user doesn’t have a license for the package.
  • The package is licensed to the entire org. Only admins with the “Manage Users” permission can grant access.
  • The org preference Administrators Can Log in as Any User is enabled.

For more information on granting support access, please see SalesForce’s article here.

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