Invoices Introduction (Statements)

This article discusses classical invoice billing for manually collected payments. We now offer new Relationship Invoicing, which is currently available on new sites, that combines the concepts of statement billing (automatic collection) and invoice billing (manual collection) into a singular concept of invoices for all your billing.


Advanced Billing allows two methods to collect funds from your subscribers. We give you the option of automatically charging your subscribers each billing period, or issuing an invoice that can be paid at a later time.

By default, Advanced Billing uses automatic billing to bill your customer’s credit card every pay period. You can configure your Site to default to the invoice method if preferred under Invoice Settings. Invoice billing allows you to bill your customers manually by sending them an invoice each month. Subscriptions with invoice billing enabled will not be charged automatically.

Automatic Billing

  • Statement based: statements are issued on renewal
  • Charges the payment method on file at the time of the recurring period
  • Past due subscribers will enter the dunning process.

Invoice Billing

  • Invoice-based: invoices are issued on renewal. Statements are also issued
  • The payment method on file will not be used to automatically cover the invoice charges
  • The payment method on file can be used to manually charge any outstanding invoices.
  • Unpaid invoices will not force the subscriber to enter the dunning process

Please view the short video below on invoice-based billing for an overview of the process.

Configuring Invoice Billing

Invoice billing is enabled via the settings tab. The default option determines which payment collection method is used when customers sign up via the Public Signup Pages. The collection method can be set to either option when creating a subscription in the application or via API.

In addition, You can set payment terms and notes that will appear on the invoice. Finally, you can toggle whether or not invoices are emailed to customers automatically.


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