Using Proforma Invoices

How to Create a Proforma Invoice

To create a proforma invoice, navigate to the desired subscription. Once inside a subscription click on the “Proforma Invoice” tab. On the top right will be a “Create New Proforma Invoice” button. Clicking this will generate a proforma invoice based on the current charges expected to charge at the subscription's next billing.


Generating a PDF

A PDF of a proforma invoice can be downloaded by navigating to the proforma invoice that you wish to download as a PDF. Once in the proforma invoice click “More Options” and select “View PDF”. Clicking this will take you to a PDF of the proforma invoice that can be downloaded. Additionally, customers can download a PDF of the proforma invoice by viewing the proforma invoices public-facing URL. On this page will be a button “Download PDF” and when clicked will generate a PDF for the customer viewing the page.


Public URL

Each proforma invoice that has been generated will have a static URL that can be shared with the customer. This URL can be found by navigating into a proforma invoice, then clicking on “More Options” and clicking “View Public URL”. You will be presented with a link that will display the proforma invoice. This link can be shared with customers so they can see their proforma invoice.


These public URLs can also be generated and used in email templates for easier communication with customers.


Proforma Invoice Event History

At the bottom of a proforma invoice will be a section called “Event History”. This outlines actions that have occurred towards the proforma invoice. Things like created at, emailed at, and voided at will be present to allow for quicker reference and better customer experience.


Proforma Invoice Emails

To send an individual proforma invoice to a customer, first, navigate to the desired proforma invoice. On the top right will be a button called “Send Proforma Invoice”. This will send this proforma invoice to the customer.

Voiding Proforma Invoices

In case a proforma invoice is accidentally made or no longer needed it can be voided. To void a proforma invoice navigate to the proforma invoice you would like to void and click “More Options” and select “Void Proforma Invoice”. A prompt asking for the reason for the void will pop up. Voiding can only be done to proforma invoices in the “Draft” state and will mark the proforma invoice as voided. Please note that the customer-facing proforma invoice will also be marked as voided.


Automatic archival at Renewal and Cancellation

When a new proforma invoice is generated it will be in a draft state. The proforma invoice will remain in a draft state until the next renewal of the subscription or cancellation. At that time all proforma invoices in a draft state will be moved to an archived state. This archiving occurs to ensure that proforma invoices generated are only for the next billing date.


For subscriptions in groups, this will occur when the primary subscription renews or cancels.

Proforma Invoices for Subscription Groups

Proforma invoices can also be generated for subscription groups. This can be done by navigating to the desired subscription group. Once in the subscription group towards the bottom of the page will be a table called “Proforma Invoices”.


On the top right of the table will be a button called “Create New Proforma Invoices”. When this button is clicked a proforma invoice will be generated for the subscription group. Note that this process can take a couple of seconds; the table will automatically refresh once the consolidated proforma invoice has finished generating.

Like consolidated invoices, a consolidated proforma invoice consists of the main consolidated proforma invoice and a collection of proforma segment invoices for each subscription that’s set to renew. If the member subscriptions are on a different billing cycle than the primary, the consolidated proforma invoice will only contain segments from those that renew before or with the primary subscription. Additionally, group-level prepayments and service credits will be factored into the final totals.

Clicking into the consolidated proforma invoice, you will see options similar to the single subscription proforma invoice. These options include the ability to email the customer the proforma invoice, view the public URL, view PDF, and void.


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