Email Archives

Accessing email archives will help you, as a merchant, understand if there is an issue with contacting a subscriber. If for any reason your subscriber reports to you that they have not been receiving important communications from your site, reviewing email archives will allow you to understand the issue quickly.

Note: Email archives are only kept for 95 days


Email Archives by Site

All archives are located on a per-site basis. Each site will contain all of the currently available emails that have been sent to your subscriber base. They’re organized and searchable by a number of methods.


Email Archive Filtering

Filter by date

Easily select the range of dates by selecting the calendar date in the “From Date” and “To Date” boxes

Filter by Subscription

To narrow down your search results by subscription ID, simply enter it in the search criteria box to only display email for 1 single subscription.

Filter by email type

Advanced Billing allows you to filter by the following types of emails:

Individual Email Archives

To locate a set of emails that are for a particular subscriber, you can easily locate these through the subscriber’s summary.

Please note if a customer has multiple subscriptions each set of emails will be located within the subscription.

Email Statuses

Advanced Billing utilizes SendGrid as a platform for delivering emails to your subscribers. As a service to our merchants, we provide you with all of the transmittal information that we have access to diagnose any deliverability issues.

With each of these methods you’ll be able to see the following SendGrid statuses for your emails.

Status Description


If a server cannot or will not deliver a message, the email will be given the status of bounced. Bounces often are caused by invalid or incorrectly entered email addresses. In the event of a bounced email, the email has not been delivered.


When an email cannot immediately be delivered, but it hasn’t been completely rejected, the email will be given the status of “deferred”. Advanced Billing will continue to try for 72 hours to deliver a deferred message.


When an email has been accepted by the recipient’s mail server, the email will be marked as delivered. This does not guarantee that the email was delivered to the recipient’s inbox.

  • If the receiving mail server did not reject the email, Advanced Billing will report that the email is delivered.

  • If the mail server rejected the email and did not inform Advanced Billing of the rejection, Advanced Billing will still mark the email as delivered even though the email was not delivered. The bottom line, the delivered status does not indicate that an email was delivered to an inbox. It can be translated as “the mail server that received the email did not send a rejection notice.”


There are a number of reasons your email will not even be sent to a recipient for the delivery. If an email has been dropped, there will generally be a reason associated with the event, such as “Sendgrid did not or could not send the email.” In the event of a dropped email, the email has not been delivered.

For further information, please view the History of the message to view the message on why the drop occurred. In general, the most often reason an email will be dropped is due to Bounced Address.

If you discover a subscription that contains an email with the dropped status, they will not be able to receive emails regarding their subscription. Please contact Maxio support to remove this block. After the block is removed, emails will deliver normally.


While an email is being processed, it will be given the status enqueued. An “enqueued” email is in the process of generating your email and/or the email is being queued for a generation.


Advanced Billing receives an individual message and prepares it to be delivered. Each message generated will create a processed event


Advanced Billing is in the process of delivering your email to the recipient’s mail server.


Export Results

For an overview of email statuses, click the Export Results button to export archives of email insights.


A Downloads page appears. When ready, click the Download link to access the CVS export file.

Example CSV Export:


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