Customers Reference

You may create a new customer at any time, or you may create a customer at the same time you create a subscription.

View of current customers


Customer Tab

The customers tab shows each individual customer record including their customer ID, email, subscriptions and purchases, customer status (active vs. inactive), and if the customer is verified for ACH/eCheck payments.

  • Customer ID
  • Customer name (first and last name)
  • Email
  • Subscriptions & purchases
  • Status (active or inactive)

Customer Information

In addition to the information above, each customer entry will contain the following fields:

  • CC emails
  • Customer since
  • Organization
  • Payment details
  • Phone
  • Reference ID (your app)
  • Shipping address
  • Subscriptions & purchases
  • VAT number
  • Tax exempt
View of individual customer details


From within the customer information entry, you can easily accomplish a host of tasks:

  • Navigate back to the original subscription
  • View/inspect/edit payment details
  • View/inspect/edit customer data
  • Email the customer directly from your mail app by clicking on the email address

Searching customer information

The customers tab is especially useful if you need to search for a customer by name or email, so you can access their subscription.

Search tips: Use by email, organization or reference ID, in the customers tab to locate your customer and their Subscriptions.

Adding customers

Select Create New Customer to add a new customer to your Advanced Billing site. You will be required to add first name, last name and email as a minimum.

If you have any “Customer” based Custom Fields you will be presented with the option to set those fields on customer create.

Editing customers

Select Edit from the actions menu to edit any of the fields for the customer. You will not be able to edit the subscriptions that a customer is subscribed to in this window.

Editing a customer


Deleting customers

Select Delete from the actions menu. You may not delete a customer if there are subscriptions associated with this account. You must delete the individual subscriptions first.

Exporting customers

Select Export Customers to generate a report of customer data. For more information on the contents of the customer export, please see our documentation here.

Emailing customers

You can elect to mass-email your customers directly from the customers view. You can email your entire customer base, or just customers that subscribe to a particular product.

Recipients may not opt out from this email, so this service should be used with great care. This type of email is typically reserved for announcing service affecting events, such as outages, plan changes, etc. You should clearly identify yourself in the body so the recipients understand the context - otherwise you may get flagged as spam or confuse your customers. For more information see mass-emailing subscribers.

Setting customers as tax exempt

You can mark a customer as tax exempt by setting the tax exempt flag on the customer edit page. This will have the effect of ignoring tax line items when calculating invoices and statements. Note that this setting here will take precendence over other tax settings for products, components and etc.

Payment Details

You can view the payment details that belong to the customer, as well as delete them or add new ones. For some payment gateways, a given payment profile may be marked as disabled if the payment information on the gateway side is unable to be located. This may happen if the gateway attempted to update a stored credit card via an auto updater routine and failed. In this use case the payment profile is removed from the gateway and disabled on the Advanced Billing side. Disabled payment profiles can only be deleted.

Viewing payment details
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