Merchant Limits

Limits are the primary ways that we protect Advanced Billing from attack, overuse, and abuse. Our limits are designed to keep Advanced Billing running smoothly for all merchants and for your potential subscribers.

Our #1 goal is to not create any noticeable impact on users of Advanced Billing. This is especially in the case when our merchants use the systems as designed. If merchants reach these limits, they will be notified in-app that the limit has been reached.

Advanced Billing Merchant Categories

Advanced Billing merchants are categorized into the following 3 categories:

  • Cancelled Merchants: Previously paying us but have since stopped paying.
  • Developer Account Merchants : (free accounts with only test sites)
  • Paying Merchants: Current customers subscribed to paid plans

Paying Merchants

If you are an active merchant with Maxio, you are categorized into 2 different subsections. Each subsection has different guarantees for your data.

  • Live sites: Your live sites are processing real transactions and are connected to a live gateway.

  • Test sites: These are “free” additional sites that we encourage merchants to use to test their pricing models and develop new sites. Your test sites will be held to stricter data retention policies. In other words, since your test sites are for research purposes, Advanced Billing will periodically purge data from your test sites.

Please pay close attention to what category you fall into while you use this guide. Additionally, as your sites transition from test to live, please be aware that the limits will shift.

Developer Account Data Retention Rules

If your developer account has been inactive for 90 days, the owner email associated with the account will receive a warning. After 120 days your account will be purged from the system. As a reminder, when your account is purged, your account is erased completely from the system and not recoverable.

To retain your account, your account must be retain an “Active” status. For your account to be considered “active” you must actively log into your account. Accessing your information via API is not considered logging in and will not count towards maintaining an active status.

Canceled Merchant Data Retention Rules

In the event your Advanced Billing account is canceled, we will retain your data for 90 days after the cancellation date.

  • If you contact us within 90 days of the cancellation of your account, we will be able to restore your account and resurrect your existing Site data.
  • After 120 days, your account will be purged from the system and the data will be unavailable for retrieval

Overview of Limits

Test Sites

ALL sellers, regardless of plan will only be allowed to have up to 10 test sites.

For test sites, which are not live, the following limits are enforced. We’ve provided some examples below that indicate how these limits are applied to your test site.

Test sites have a 500 item limit on the following models:

  • Products
  • Customers
  • Subscriptions
  • Coupons

As an example, you could have 499 products and 499 subscribers on a given test site.

Live Sites

There is no limit on the number of LIVE/Production Sites a merchant can have.

Each live site may have up to 10,000 products and 10,000 components.

API Limits

For more information on Advanced Billing’s rate limits and blocks for all endpoints, please see the following article in our developer portal here.


Advanced Billing will retain email history for your all sites for up to 95 days. Any emails that were delivered 95 days are purged from the system.

Test Site Emails

Sites set in test mode have a limit of 100 emails sent per rolling 24 hour period. Any emails sent after the limit is reached will still be in the email archives where the contents can be viewed. They will appear with the status overlimit.

Test Site Subscriptions

Subscriptions on your test sites have a limited duration of approximately six months. After that, subscriptions are automatically cancelled so that they’re not left “fake billing” indefinitely. You may re-activate a test subscription that has been automatically canceled, and it will remain active for another six months before being canceled again.


Paid Plan Users: Paying merchants are limited to 100 users per account.

Developer Plan Users: Sellers will only be allowed to create up to 10 users


  • Advanced Billing retains webhook information in your Site’s webhook panel for 90 days. All activity after 90 days is purged from our system.
  • Webhook endpoints are defined by your current plan configuration in Advanced Billing.
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