Statement FAQ

How are statements affected if I update a customer’s information?

Changes will not appear on previous statements. Statements reflect historical financial information and generally are not modified after they are settled. If you need to provide an updated invoice to your customer, you may download a text, HTML, or PDF version and edit it locally before sending it to the customer.

How are statements affected if I update a subscription’s billing information?

As with updating the customer information, the changes will not appear on previous statements. It will be included in all future statements.

With the above being said, if you update billing information mid-period you may find the ‘current’ statement still shows the old billing information. This will be the case until the statement settles (at renewal), in which it will pull the updated information and the statement will be correct.

Why aren’t the changes I made to my Statements showing on older statements?

Advanced Billing keeps statements as a historical record of past transactions. Advanced Billing gives you the option to change the statement title, logo memo & name whenever you’d like. However, it should be noted that changing these options will only affect Statements issued in the future.

Are statements still sent to my subscriber if a transaction fails?

Statements are not sent to a Subscriber if a renewal transaction fails. The dunning process email strategy will notify the customer that their transaction has failed. The statement will generate, but since it is not paid, it will not be sent via email to the subscriber.

Why are there 2 sets of dates on my subscriber’s statements?

The Billing Period, shown at the top of the statement, displays the date range of the charges on the statement. While under the detail of the statement, Advanced Billing displays the recurring product period for the month ahead. This is due to the fact that Advanced Billing bills your subscribers ahead of time.

This way, you know the date range of the charges on the statement and the period for which your subscription lasts.

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