Enable Site Live Mode

Test Mode

When your site is in Test mode, we assume that you are still in the process of testing your workflows and that you are not quite ready to accept live credit cards from paying customers. We want you to be setup for success all along the way, so we’ve created a simple setup guide to help walk you through the process of transitioning your site from test to live mode.

Before you are ready to accept live credit card data, you must change your site to Live mode in Advanced Billing. At this point, we assume that the doors are open for business and you are ready to start accepting new subscriptions and intereacting with your customer base.

Before you can switch out of test mode and start accepting live transactions, you must have purchased a paid Advanced Billing subscription and complete the following steps:

  • Clear Test Data
  • Configure Payment Gateway
  • Secure Your Account

Using the Setup Guide

To begin, select Setup Guide from the main navigation bar in your site. We’ve broken down the setup guide into a few sections, which we’ll cover below:

Build Your Product Catalog

1_setup.pngBuild your product catalog to proceed with the setup guide

In the suggestions covered under “Build Your Product Catalog,” we’ll cover the core product functions within Advanced Billing. Explore how to set up products and components. We want to ensure you understand the functions and usefulness of each of these attributes of the product before going live.

Customize Your Site

2_setup.pngConfigure the features of your site

As we dig deeper into the functions of Advanced Billing, we’ll begin to cover such topics as dunning, taxes, coupons and system emails. Explore these functions and many more in order to build a comprehensive site to garner Subscriptions. You’ll want to examine the settings for each of these attributes to understand how they work together.

Create a Test Subscription

3_setup.pngCreate a test subscription

Test, Test, Test.

You’ll want to create many subscriptions during the testing process to understand the Subscription lifecycle. But don’t worry, we’ll give you the option to clear these out before you go live so they won’t affect your financials.

Decide how you intend to sign up the majority of your subscribers. Will it be via a Public Signup Page, via API, or manually. The choice is yours!

1. Clear Test Data

1_clear_test_data.pngTake special care during clearing your site data

Remove test customers, subscriptions, transactions and credit cards by clearing your site data. Don’t worry, this won’t remove your product catalog, settings or taxes.

You may wish to also create a sandbox of your site. It’s highly advisable to create a sandbox environment for testing out simple tasks such as coupon additions, subscriber email revisions, product migration & adjustments.

2. Configure Payment Gateway

Configure your payment gateway

In order enable live mode, you’ll need to either:

  • Configure a live payment gateway.
  • Enable Invoice-Only billing

Please keep in mind that a live site cannot process credit cards successfully if connected to a gateway that is in test mode.

3. Secure Your Account

Take steps to secure your account

We encourage our users to take part in practical steps to protect their accounts from misuse. Please ensure to enable secure webhooks to protect your user’s privacy. Additionally, we require secure passwords to protect your account and ours.

You are now LIVE!

Your current site is now live in Advanced Billing

Once your account is live, you can verify this by observing the green dot next to the name of your site. This indicates that you have completed all the required steps and your site is now live.

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