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What is Advanced Billing and how can it help my business grow?

Advanced Billing is a billing and revenue management platform designed for SaaS companies and any subscriptions business model. Using Advanced Billing allows you to concentrate on building innovative web applications and not worry about how to bill your customers. The following are some examples of ways Advanced Billing can help your company grow.

  • Easily offer your customers virtually any type of pricing and subscription model including fixed amount recurring, variable usage-based, multi-attribute rated, configurable trial periods, discounts, prepaid, and many more.  
  • Automate all invoicing and associated billing calculations, such as proration calculation when your customers upgrade their subscriptions during a billing cycle.
  • Increase customer retention and reduce churn with dunning, renewal, payment receipt, and other automated communications tailorable to your specific business needs. 
  • Quickly and easily start a new online subscription business or launch a new product line with Advanced Billing-hosted signup pages.
  • Powerfully. analyze your business operations and report on results with Advanced Billing Business Intelligence and Insights.
  • Create a great customer self-service experience and reduce your support costs with Advanced Billing Billing Portal and Self-Service ages.

Does Advanced Billing work with my existing web application(s)?

Yes. You have two options for integrating Advanced Billing into your existing website:

  1. You can link your website to your Advanced Billing hosted Public Signup Pages which new customers can use to sign-up for and enter their billing and contact information.

  2. Integrate your web application(s) directly to Advanced Billing with our extensive set of APIs.  

Does Advanced Billing support my pricing model?

Advanced Billing supports virtually any pricing model including any combination of recurring, usage, and even multi-attribute rated pricing.  

How does Advanced Billing bill my customers?

Advanced Billing bills each of your customers on the schedule and via the invoicing method defined in each customer's subscription. Advanced Billing automatically works with your payment gateway to collect payment based on the specifics of each subscription as well. 

How does Advanced Billing pricing work?

To learn more about Advanced Billing’s pricing, visit our sign-up page here.

What is Advanced Billing’s uptime?

We understand how critical your billing system is to your business and are always diligent and transparent about uptime. Advanced Billing does not have regularly scheduled interruptions or customer-affecting maintenance and planned interruptions are kept to an absolute minimum. We also have a status site, independent from our primary systems, that helps to keep you up-to-date on any issues we may be experiencing. You can even subscribe to get notifications on changes in our application status.

Can I use my existing Payment Gateway or do I need to get a new one?

Our Payment Gateway List. has the details of all payment gateways which work with the Advanced Billing platform. We support many gateways across the globe.

Can I track billing data for multiple companies?

Yes, you can. Advanced Billing gives you two options - to build out the accounts separately as multiple sites or to build out the accounts as one site with multiple product families. 

Can I bill my customers more than once a month?

Yes. You can bill your customers as many times per month as needed.

Can I use Advanced Billing for one-time transactions?

Yes. Once you have an active subscription for a customer, you can attach one-time charges to their account.

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