Viewing Transactions (Statements)

Certain subscription management tasks will occasionally require that you inspect transactions in greater detail. We’ll cover the exploded view of each type of transaction. This will be helpful for you, as a merchant, to understand how transactions work.

Basic Information

Each transaction will display a set of basic information that contains the following:

Field Description
Subscription ID & name of the subscriber. Selecting this link will redirect you to the list of transactions for the subscription.
Date Timestamp of the transaction
Amount Amount of the transaction
Memo Additional information about the transaction

Gateway Information

Each transaction contains unique information that is used to trace the path from Advanced Billing through to your gateway. In the case of a transaction failure, use the information here to research the transaction further.

Please be aware that not all fields will be included in transactions. Some gateways will use four fields. Other gateways will only use two fields.


Field Description
Gateway Transaction ID The unique identifier for the transaction. Generated by the gateway. Use this ID to look up transactions in your gateway.
Gateway Response Code Response code for the transaction generated by the gateway. For example, Braintree issues the code 1000 Approved for a successful transaction. Please see your gateway’s documentation for more assistance.
Gateway Response Description Descriptive response regarding the transaction. Example: “The request was processed successfully.”
Customer Translation Reserved for future use
Merchant Translation Reserved for future use

Raw Request

The raw request contains a host of information that is communicated to the gateway when a transaction is initiated. Keep in mind that different types of transactions will report a different set of info in each raw request.

The raw request contains two major pieces of information:

  • payment_profile_attributes: This contains all of the information related to the payment profile attached to the subscription.
  • amount: The amount of the transaction

Pay special attention to the amountvault_tokencurrent_vault and customer_id values in the raw request if you are troubleshooting within the gateway.


Raw Response

The raw response contains all of the data in regards to the outcome of the transaction request to the gateway. The data contained in the raw response can be used to cross-reference with the gateway error codes for your gateway. Advanced Billing has compiled a list of links to error codes for your benefit. You can view the collection of links here.

Pay special attention to the following parts of the raw response to aid in your troubleshooting efforts:

Field Description
avs_result AVS stands for “Address Verification System”. AVS is a system used to verify the address of a person claiming to own a credit card. AVS is used when the merchant verifies credit card data, such as billing address and ZIP code, against the Visa/MasterCard billing information of the cardholder.
cvv_result This field is the result of the verification of the CVV code provided with the actual credit card number. Your gateway can be configured to accept/deny credit card transactions based on the result of this field. For instructions on how your gateway should be configured for optimal CVV verification, please refer to our gateway settings documentation here.
error_code If the transaction fails, a code will be provided in order to obtain more information about the transaction. For a list of links to gateway error codes, please see our collection of documentation here.



Below is an example of a set of information presented with a payment that has been successfully processed through the gateway. Note how not all fields are populated with info.



Here is another example of a transaction. This time, we are viewing a refund transaction. This information can be used to research any outstanding refund issues at the gateway. Though Advanced Billing strives to provide as much detail as possible about successful and failed transactions, if further research is necessary, it must be conducted at the gateway level.


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