Integration FAQ


Can I use the NextGen HubSpot integration with a site on the legacy Statement architecture?

No, the integration can only be used in sites on Chargify’s newer Relationship Invoicing architecture. If your site is on the older Statement-based architecture, you may contact to request an upgrade.

Can I use Chargify Coupons with this integration?

Yes, the integration syncs the Chargify product catalog as HubSpot Products. Including coupons, once they have been associated to the deal you can click the “sync deal with Chargify” at the bottom of the deal view and the discount calculation will update the values of the line item.

Is the integration using HubSpot Custom Objects?

No, at this time the integration is using CRM card, timeline events, and product library HubSpot functionality

Does the integration support custom line item pricing?

No, the integration pulls the Chargify product catalog to build the HubSpot Product Library. Those items that exist with in your HubSpot Product library can be used to create Chargify Subscriptions.

Does the integration support Subscription Groups or Parent/Child relationships

No, not at this time

Can I restrict functionality based on user roles

The HubSpot Admin user will be able to create roles and segment access based on the user roles.

I can’t see taxes on my invoice?

In the case where you cannot see the taxes being applied to the invoice rendered by the Subscription Preview time line event or deal line item associations. One must verify that the correct ISO format is being used on the city, state, and country of the contact record.

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