Google Analytics Integration Overview

The following collection of instructions is provided as a reference and is provided as-is. You are responsible for ensuring it works properly on your page(s) and maintaining your connection with Google Analytics for the future. Any modifications you make to Google Analytics installation/integration or modifications you make to code in similar sections are your responsibility.

There are two methods to configure Google Analytics for Advanced Billing - choose which option best suits your needs and follow the step-by-step setup guide.

  1. Basic: Google Analytics integration with Advanced Billing:

    • Integrate Google Analytics with your Advanced Billing Public Signup Pages and/or Advance Billing receipt pages.
  2. Advanced: Cross-domain tracking, goals, conversion rate funnels, and eCommerce tracking

    • Cross Domain Tracking: Tracks customers from your website (e.g., your “buy now” page), to Advanced Billing’s Public Signup Pages, to Advanced Billing’s receipt page, or your website’s Thank You Page.
    • Goals: Track Conversions on Advanced Billing’s receipt pages or your Thank You page
    • Conversation Rate Funnels: The Google Analytics funnel visualization report offers insight into your customers’ behavior as they travel through your complete sales funnel (this includes your website and Advanced Billing’s pages).
    • E-commerce Tracking: You can measure the number of transactions and revenue your website generates for new signups.

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