Adding an adjustment to a subscription will either increase or decrease the balance due on the subscription.

  • An adjustment does not actually touch the gateway or return any funds to the customer’s credit card.
  • The customer’s payment method on file will not be charged.

Adjusting the balance on a subscription directly affects the amount of money the customer owes. Once you change a balance on a subscription, their balance will be immediately affected.

How to record an adjustment

To add an adjustment to a subscription, navigate to the summary page. Select the dropdown menu “Actions” and select “Adjust balance.”

Select "Adjust balance"

An adjustment is created by selecting one of the following actions:

  • Decrease the subscription’s balance by [Enter dollar amount]
  • Increase the subscription’s balance by [Enter dollar amount]
  • Set the subscription’s balance to [Enter dollar amount]
Enter amount of adjustment

Adjustment amount

Enter the amount to increase, decrease or set the balance to an amount (i.e. “10.00”). All amounts should be entered as positive numbers.

Adjustments will not be taxed in Advanced Billing. They are simply used for changing the underlying amount of a subscription. If you'd like to apply tax to the current balance, you may wish to reduce the balance to zero and add a taxable one-time-charge.

Adjustment memo

Be sure to add a memo (i.e. “Additional charge for extra usage”). This memo will be displayed as a line item on the open statement within Advanced Billing. Additionally, this memo can be useful to reconcile why adjustments were assessed.

Subscriber Notifications

A subscriber will not be notified via email if you adjust the balance on their account. However, the current/open statement will be augmented to reflect the changes to the balance of the account.

Below we have an example of a statement for a zero dollar product. This statement was generated as the subscription was generated.

Example without adjustment

As we look to the example below, the existing statement was augmented when the balance was adjusted on the subscription. In this case, the subscription balance was decreased. Advanced Billing notes this as a credit on the statment below.

Example with adjustment

Best Practices for adjustments

If you change the balance on any subscription, it’s best to inform your customer of these changes. Select Re(Send) Via Email to deliver a new version of the statement to your customer. They will receive an updated version of the statement shortly.

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