Analyzing Events

All of the data that you stream to Advanced Billing, either with the Events-Based Billing ingestion method or our other ingestion methods, can be analyzed in both the UI and via API. The following features are limited to the Essential plan and up.

Analyzing events-based data in the UI

Advanced Billing Business Intelligence is a self-service analytics suite that enables you to perform custom analysis on your Advanced Billing data and data streamed to Advanced Billing. Please refer to the Business Intelligence documentation to learn how to build metrics and dashboards with your data.

Analyzing events-based data via the Stream (Keen) API

Maxio acquired Keen, an event streaming platform, to serve as the data and analytics infrastructure for Events-Based Billing and Advanced Billing Business Intelligence. Since the acquisition in early 2020, Advanced Billing has deeply integrated Keen’s functionality into our platform. We also introduced Advanced Billing Stream, a product that encompasses all of this functionality.

The Keen Streams and Compute APIs are supported by Advanced Billing. To leverage the Keen API to query your data, please reach out to our team at and we will provide you with the necessary API keys.

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