Offer Signup Pages

Offer Signup Pages can be found in the main navigation under Catalog > Offers.

Offer Signup Pages


Each offer signup page has its own list of possible actions as well as details such as the access URL. You can also create new offer signup pages from this page.

Creating an Offer Signup Page

You can create a new Offer Signup Page by using the “Create Offer Signup Page” link within the Offer Signup Page section.

Create Offer Signup Page


Editing an Offer Signup Page

You can edit an Offer Signup Page by selecting “Edit” from the actions menu. From the edit screen you can change any of the properties of the Offer Signup Page. It important to note that if you change the details of the page, that the existing URL does not change. This is important if you had previously published this URL and may not be what you intend.

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