My Profile / Account

Your Advanced Billing account contains two vital pieces of information:

  • My Profile: Your merchant account information that can be shared with your subscribers through invoices and emails

  • Account: Your individual user account information that is used for logging into the application & submitting support requests.

Locating My Profile & Account Settings

Click the name of your account in the upper-right corner of the application. This will expose a host of options in your merchant account to configure or view.

Please be aware if you make changes to your account, you will need to re-enter your current password in order to save changes.

Locate your personal Advanced Billing user account

My Profile

When viewing My Profile, you can easily update the details associated with your user account.

View your current profile information

User Details

View/change the full name and email associated with your user account.

View/edit user details


Change the associated password with your account.

Please be aware that Advanced Billing does not store passwords for your account. If you need to reset your password, you can reset your password here.

Update password

Two-Factor Authentication

If two-factor authentication (2FA) is enabled for your account, you can disable it by selecting the checkbox for Disable two-factor authentication.

Enable/disable 2FA

API Token

User API Token works just like to the Site API Token. It is used in seller-level API requests. For more information, please see the announcement here.

Disable/Regenerate API Token

Security Confirmation

For added security, you must re-enter your current password and two-factor authentication token when making user account changes.


For more information security practices for your account, please see the information here.




When using Advanced Billing, your seller account works in conjunction with your Sites and your Product Families to define who you are and what you sell. The information contained under your account is defined as the merchant account info and can be shared with subscribers.

Changing the information below does not change the financial-based contact information we have online as the owner of your account. However, we encourage you to keep the merchant-based information with Advanced Billing current. This is especially important if we need to contact you for any reason related to your account.

Advanced Billing does not permit you to change the owner on the account or the contact information for the financial information related to your subscription online. Please contact our support team to make any adjustments of this nature.

The information provided under account information will be shared with subscribers if it is enabled in the masthead settings.

You can overwrite information that will be displayed on invoices with site specific data. You can read more on that here.

Masthead-related invoice information

Company/Organization Name

Required: Generally, you’ll simply want to go with what your customers call you. You’ll be able to use this name in emails to your customers for your signup emails, receipt emails, etc.


Required: This email is used as the default From address for emails we send to your customers on your behalf. Each individual email type has the option to override this default value with a custom From address, with the exception of dunning emails.

Additionally, if we need to contact your company for any reason, we will either use this one or email the owner/admin of the account directly; please note that this email will not receive automated emails related to your Advanced Billing subscription, such as dunning and statement emails.


Required: Phone number associated with the merchant account for your account.

Address Information

The information provided here should be the physical location of your business.

Address information

Time Zone

Set the default time zone for your sites. You can set the master time zone here, then configure individual sites to represent their individual locations.



Locate link to documentation in-app

From the Advanced Billing application, quickly navigate to our help site. Here you’ll find quick answers to all your support-related questions. Browse by topic, learn videos and understand the multitude of options for configuring a recurring billing workflow. 

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