Invoice Details (Statements)

Advanced Billing offers 3 viewing options of a subscriber’s invoice for distribution. Below, we’ll cover the examples and how your subscribers will be presented their recent history over the last billing period. We’ll also cover some specific actions that your subscribers can take while viewing invoices.

HTML Example

Below is an HTML version of a subscriber’s invoice. This version of a statement can be sent to a customer via email (HTML). To control whether or not your subscribers receive invoices, you can enable this feature under Invoice Settings


PDF Example

Below is a PDF version of a subscriber’s invoice. This version of an invoice can be sent as an attachment when sending a Subscriber their invoice email. You can elect to include this as an attachment by electing to attach a PDF invoice to email when contacting your Subscribers.


Text Example

This is an example of the text content from the body of the invoice email. It’s used to construct the HTML version of the invoice email.


Logo and Company Name

When you elect to add a logo to your site via Public Page Default Settings, it becomes available for use in invoices, as well. For instructions on how to include the logo on your invoices, please see the corresponding article here.

If you’ve changed the invoice title the change will be reflected here. In the example below, we’ve added Contractor Invoice as the Invoice Title in settings.


Account Information

Account information is comprised of two facets of your customer’s subscription:


Invoice Summary

If you’ve changed the invoice title the change will be reflected here. In the example below, we’ve added Contractor Invoice as the Invoice Title in settings.

The invoice summary reflects the following:

  • Date of invoice generation
  • Amount due
  • Amount paid (if any)


Charges and Adjustments

The charges and adjustments portion of your invoice detail includes any charges that were assessed against the subscription in the given time period of the invoice. You can see in the example above that the following is listed for every transaction:

  • Date/Time: The timestamp of the transaction
  • Type: The type of transaction
  • Detail: The product purchase, tax, or other underlying reason for the charge. For more information on transactions, please see the types of transactions Advanced Billing reports.
  • Amount: The amount of the transaction



The payments portion of the invoice reflects if any payments were made against the invoice. Additionally, if you have set any payment terms (net 30) these will be provided to the subscriber.

  • Date/Time: The timestamp of the payment
  • Type: The method of payment
  • Detail: Can be one of the following: the name of the credit card holder, memo in relation to the external payment, credit applied from the previous balance
  • Amount: The amount of the payment


Account Management

If the billing portal is enabled for your site, your subscriber will be shown the option to navigate to the billing portal from the invoice. This is presented in the HTML version of the invoice as the label Account Management. Selecting this link will direct the user to the billing portal associated with the subscription.


Pay Invoice Online

If you have enabled the following Invoice Settings, you will give your subscriber the option of paying their invoice online via an email received from Advanced Billing:

  1. “Send Invoice Emails to Customers”
  2. “Include Credit Card Payment Link” option will be presented to your subscriber to pay their invoice online.


If the subscriber selects this link, they will be shown the following information:

  • The date of the original invoice
  • The invoice number
  • Amount due
  • Current payment method
  • Option to pay now
  • Option to contact the merchant directly


If they decide to Pay Now, they are agreeing to charge the card stored under Payment Method for the amount shown. After selecting Pay Now, if the card is successfully charged they will receive confirmation of the payment.


The subscriber may also elect to change the current payment method on file for their subscription. By selecting Update from the box titled Payment Method, they can add a new credit card. This credit card will be saved as the default card for this subscription.


If the subscriber enters a card that is declined for any reason, they will immediately receive a message stating that the card that they entered is not valid. At this time, they will have the option to enter an additional card to be associated with their subscription in Advanced Billing.


Invoice Billing Address

If you’d like to collect billing addresses at the same time that you collect credit card data, you can enable this option in the product your subscriber has purchased.

For more information on how to enable the billing address to appear on the invoice payment page, please see our section on billing address settings. Specifically you’ll want to select Request on “Self-Service Page” to enable this feature.


When the subscriber views the current invoice due, they will be presented with the option to securely enter their billing address details.

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