Passwords & Shared Keys

This article details how to change all of your credentials in Advanced Billing. It is a good practice to periodically change your credentials, and is always recommended if you feel any of your credentials may have been compromised.

How to Change Your Password

  • Click on the the gear icon in the upper right hand portion of the top navigation bar:
Locate my profile information

  • Fill in the “Password” and “Password Confirmation” fields then click “Save Changes
Enter your current password in order to make changes to your account

Note: if you have two-factor authentication (2FA) enabled, you may be required to enter a 2FA code.

  • Save changes

Password requirements

When filling out the password, there will be a feedback indicator under the password field that indicates whether the password is strong enough or not. When the indicator is green (showing ‘Strong’ or ‘Great’) the password should be accepted.

Please note that there are some things that can cause it to fail such as:

  • Uses common dictionary words, even if letters are replaced with numbers/characters. e.g. “p@s$W0RD”.
  • If you include part of the username/email/company name in the password, even if the letters are replaced as mentioned above.

How to Change Your Site Shared Key (for signing Webhooks and Public Signup Pages)

  • Click on the “Edit” link for a Site:
  • Fill in the “Shared Key” with a strong passphrase and click “Save Changes”.
Locate your site shared key in your site details

NOTE: Advanced Billing currently only allows one active site shared key at a time - regenerating your shared key will immediately invalidate your previous one. So, to minimize the amount of time in which you cannot validate webhooks or generate valid hosted page URLs, you should take care to coordinate this change with the ability to update the key quickly in your own application code.

The site shared key issued on a per-site basis, so you will need to change the shared key for each of your sites.

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