Mass Emailing Subscribers

Mass emailing subscribers provides a way for you to notify your subscribers of relevant information you need to communicate. It is intended to deliver important information about system outages, plan/product changes, or other items that your affected users would need to know about.

Recipients may not opt-out of this email, so this service should be used with great care. This type of email is typically reserved for announcing service-affecting events, such as outages, plan changes, etc. You should clearly identify yourself in the body so the recipients understand the context - otherwise, you may get flagged as spam or confuse your customers.


Emailing Subscribers

  • Use the “Email Customer” link from the header of either the customer's tab or the subscriptions tab.
Select "Email Customers" to initiate the process.

Select Products

The first form shows all of your products. You can send the email to all of your subscribers, or you can pick a subset of products. Only customers subscribed to selected products will receive the email. If a customer is subscribed to multiple selected products, they will only receive one copy of the email.

Select "All Customers" or pick from individual products

Email Contents

  • The last form is where you craft the email. The sender name and email will default from your merchant info but can be overridden for this email. All four fields will be required to successfully send the email.
Customize your email contents


The mass emailing feature will send an email from your Chargify site to subscribers with the following status:

  • Trial
  • Active
  • Past Due

The mass emailing feature will not send an email to subscribers with the following status:

  • Canceled
  • Expired
  • On-Hold
  • Expired
  • Trial Ended
  • Unpaid


This email will not be stored in the email archives of your subscribers. In addition, it will not be saved in your Chargify site in any way. Please retain a copy of the email sent in your business records.


  • The “Sender Email” field only supports an email address and no other text, i.e.
  • This service is only available to paid accounts.
  • HTML/Markdown is not accepted in the body of the email sent to your subscribers.
  • The usage of Mass Communication Emails does not support the usage of email variables from our Email Templates.

  • If you are on the free developer plan this will not be accessible until you upgrade your account.
  • Do not use this as an email list. Subscribers can’t opt-out of these emails so they should be used only for important information you need to get to your subscribed base.
  • Be sure to provide proper context. Chargify doesn’t add any information to the email beyond what you enter so it needs to be clear from the body of the email what service is affected and why it is important to them.

API Considerations

Outbound emails to subscribers are not available through the API at this time.

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