Mailchimp Integration

Our MailChimp integration will automatically sync Advanced Billing customers to a MailChimp list.

Configuring the Integration

Locate the MailChimp integration option under the configuration section of your Advanced Billing Site. Select Integrations to further browse to the MailChimp integration section. After you enter your MailChimp API Key, click the ‘check’ link to verify that it is correct.

Enter your MailChimp API and check its validity

You should see the Everything’s Chimpy! message appear below your key. Once that’s done, click the “Continue to List Configuration” button.

If necessary, Mailchimp provides a help article on Format Guidelines for Your Import File, which explains the CSV guidelines for importing contacts as well as a sample file.

Choose List

Next you will need to choose which list to sync to in your MailChimp account.

Select which list you'd like to sync to in MailChimp

Use the drop-down to select one of your MailChimp lists. Remember that this needs to be a new, empty list.

Note that the integration only supports connecting to one of the 25 most recently created lists. Other lists will not appear in the drop-down.

When you’re ready, click the “Continue to Final Setup” button.

Start Exporting

Begin the export process to MailChimp

Click the “Start Exporting” button to begin the process.

How it Works

Once you click the “Start Exporting” button, Advanced Billing will sync the following attributes of your subscribers.

  • Customer ID
  • Customer email address
  • Customer first name
  • Customer last name
  • Customer reference
  • Product name
  • Subscription state: (any of the following)
    • active
    • canceled
    • expired
    • on_hold
    • past_due
    • trialing
    • trial_ended
    • unpaid

These values will be synced to the MailChimp list you selected. Going forward, we will sync changes when a customer is updated, a new subscription is added, or a subscription is changed.

Making Changes

Once the MailChimp integration is enabled, you have the option to disable it in order to make changes, or to completely start over.

Remember, if you start over, you need to create a new MailChimp list. Also, if you remove the selected list from MailChimp, the syncing process will stop.

Disable the MailChimp integration

Duplicate Emails

If more than one customer in Advanced Billing has the same email address, we will create a single record in MailChimp that contains comma-delimited lists of the related customer IDs, product names, and subscription states.

Duplicate emails in MailChimp
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