Subscriber Interface Introduction

The Billing Portal allows your customer to perform certain actions within their account. For more information on the features of the Billing Portal, please see the Billing Portal settings here.

We’ll outline each of the features below. For reference, in each screengrab below, all Billing Portal features have been enabled. Configure the Billing Portal as needed to restrict subscription actions within the portal.

Subscription Overview

When your subscriber enters the portal, they will be presented with their current subscription. Additionally, a message from the merchant will be displayed. This can be customized under Merchant Info in the Billing Portal settings.

Overall subscription information screen.

In the example above, Gold Family in the top left refers to the product family name, while Gold 100 refers to the actual product purchased from within the product family. The subscription’s next billing date is displayed beneath the product name, and to the right is the current state of the subscription. This one is marked as active.

The billing details of the Billing Portal confirm the active payment method on file. Additionally, the billing address of the payment method on file is presented along with various options to manage the subscription depending on the features enabled for the portal. Beneath the billing details will appear any shipping address information.

Multiple Subscriptions in Advanced Billing

If your subscriber has more than one subscription within Advanced Billing, the Billing Portal can accommodate these subscriptions. The following graphic displays:

  • How subscribers within the same product family are displayed
  • How subscribers from other product families are displayed
All subscriptions belonging to a given customer will display for the same account.

The plan details will give the subscriber a glance at the following attributes of their subscription:

  • Subscription Started: The day that the subscription was created within Advanced Billing
  • Current Balance: The current amount due, or credit associated with the subscription.
  • Estimated Next Billing Amount: This is the projected amount due at the next billing date.

Relationship Invoicing Invoices

Our new Relationship Invoicing functionality removes the idea of statements to work solely with invoices. Rather than have a Statements tab at the top of the page next to “Subscriptions”, a Relationship Invoicing site will display “Invoices”.

A view of all invoices for the customer.

As seen above, the Billing Portal will display normal, unconsolidated invoices along with consolidated invoices and their segments. Consolidated invoices and segments are generated if the subscription is part of a group.

Only a payer subscription will be able to view consolidated invoices. Member and primary subscriptions that aren’t paying for the group will not see their grouped invoices. Any invoices that are “Open” may also be paid off using the green “Pay Invoice Online” button.

Example Relationship Invoicing Invoices

These should all look identical to the views you will see within the Advanced Billing application and from the public invoice URL.

A "normal" invoice from a non-grouped subscription.
The PDF for the invoice above.

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