Frequently Asked Questions

How do I securely share a Dashboard?

A dashboard can be shared using a public link or by embedding code. For the most secure sharing, embed the code in a location that requires a username and password to access.

Can I add theming to my embedded dashboards?

Images and text boxes can be added to your dashboards. The ability to edit the look and feel of your dashboards is limited, but Advanced Billing will be adding more advanced theming features in the near future.

Can I export raw data from Business Intelligence?

Yes. Raw data can be exported using the Extraction analysis type in the Explorer. You can select which properties to include in the export and apply filters to isolate relevant segments of data.

Can I export the data from a Business Intelligence metric?

There are 2 to export data from an Advanced Billing Business Intelligence metric.

  • From the preview view of your Saved Metrics via the Actions button
  • From the edit Metric view via the Actions Button

How do I add Out-of-the-Box Metrics?

These can be added on the Metrics page in Business Intelligence via the button on the top right corner.

How do I add Out-of-the-Box Dashboards?

These can be added on the Dashboard page in Business Intelligence via the button on the top right corner.

How are new custom fields added to my data sources?

Custom fields can be added manually to your subscriptions in Advanced Billing, via the Salesforce Integration, or by using the Advanced Billing API

How do I create reports on Usage?

To report on Usage in Advanced Billing Business Intelligence create your metrics using the “chargify_bi_metered_usages” data source, or for invoiced usage, using the “chargify_bi_invoice_line_items” data source filtered on your metered components.

How can I report on Components?

Components can be reported using the “chargify_bi_invoice_line_items” data source to get a view of your invoiced revenue linked to components.

How do I stream in third party data?

Using the Advanced Billing API endpoint method or the Apache Kafka endpoint method third party data can be viewed and analyzed in Advanced Billing Business Intelligence. See the documentation for more details on this powerful feature.

Can I drill down into the data by clicking a chart?

No. To view the underlying data, we recommend creating an extraction query and adding it next to or below your chart.

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