Mail Deliverability

The following article is intended for technically-advanced audiences that handle the IT infrastructure of your organization's email services. We recommend presenting this information to them in order to help address any email deliverability issues you may face.


In today’s day and age (i.e. the age of spam), mail deliverability is a critical issue. Having an SPF record (Sender Policy Framework) will allow your domain to publically specify which designated servers may send an email on its behalf. When you have a valid SPF record, will increase the likelihood of your emails reaching your valued subscribers.

If you’re new to this topic, we do recommend familiarizing yourself with what an SPF record is and what benefits it can have for your organization.

Emails will still work without an SPF record. However, there will be occasions where email deliverability may be affected if you do not have an SPF record created. It’s recommended that all Advanced Billing merchants have an SPF record in place in order to help ensure email deliverability.

Advanced Billing Site Settings

Advanced Billing sets the “From” field in the e-mail to the address you specify in your site settings. However, because the e-mail comes from our servers, the DKIM & SPF will be used. For the vast majority of our customers, this means the message is considered authentic and will not be blocked by spam filters.

Updating Your Mail Server Settings

The following changes must be made on your mail servers, as opposed to a setting within your Advanced Billing account.


In order to assist you in getting your mail delivered, here are the current mail servers in use by Advanced Billing:

One way to use this information to increase your chance for successful deliveries is to create an SPF record such as the following:

v=spf1 a mx [other mechanisms you add to describe sending hosts] ~all

Note: as we strive to stay on the edge of deliverability best practices, we may change our sending hosts from time to time. Please watch this page for changes.

Additional Tools

  • Google provides an excellent article on how to add an SPF record to your mail server.

  • You can check to see if your SPF record is public - using a tool like the SPF Query Tool.

  • Another great tool is:

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