Cross-Site Analytics


Our Cross-Site Analytics provide a central, aggregate view of core subscription metrics — such as Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) and Subscriber Growth — across multiple Sites.

  • They are grouped by their mode allowing you to view metrics from Live or Test Sites

  • There is also a Site Filter that allows you to view metrics from any Site or set of Sites that you select

Cross-site Analytics

Access & Permissions

Cross-Site Analytics are accessible via the account-level dashboard by Site Owners, Admins, and Team-Members with financial permissions.

Team-members will only be able to see metrics for the sites they have adequate permissions.

Handling Multiple Currencies

The first time that you access Cross-Site Analytics, you’ll be prompted to define a default currency. If you do have multiple Sites that bill in different currencies, amounts will be converted for display in your defined default currency.

Primary Currency Configuration

Exchange rates are updated every hour through our integration with When amount movement occurs, we’ll use the most recently captured exchange rate to convert the amount into your default currency.

For example, if a customer converts at 4:15 PM, we’ll use the exchange we received at 4:00 PM to calculate the currency conversion for the MRR increase in your Cross-Site Analytics.

Changing Primary Currency

Setting or changing your default currency will have the following impact:

  • All of your MRR data, across all of your sites, will be recalculated
  • Viewing MRR charts won’t be available during recalculation
  • Cross site and single site reports won’t be available during recalculation
  • Data (especially older data) might be slightly different when the recalculation is done

Why does recalculating MRR have the effect of changing the historical MRR report values? From time to time, we make improvements and tweaks in our formulas and methodologies for handling different MRR cases, with the goal of becoming more and more accurate over time. As we make these changes, your historical MRR data is not altered; the new formulas and methods are only in effect for MRR-changing events after the new formulas and methods are in place.

However, when we recalculate all of your data, those new formulas and methods will be in effect from the start. Therefore, you may notice different monthly deltas and totals than before. This is in line with the way we consider MRR an operational metric rather than a financial metric. In the Finance Report (our financial revenue report), each month stands on its own and will never be altered. With MRR, the effects of each month are cumulative, and we hope the benefits of increased accuracy after a recalculation outweigh the nuisance of changing historical numbers. If maintaining the exact historical report numbers is important to you, please export and save your data before beginning this process.

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