Site Activity

The Chargify site activity summarizes all of the recent activity on your site. It’s broken down into each event, and a view that contains all events. These events mirror the activity that can be access via webhooks, as well.

Location of Site Activity

Site activity can be located from the main page of the dashboard. On the main dashboard, you are also given a preview of recent activity on the account. You may customize the Recent Activity window to display which activity to display. This setting will be saved and will display the information you request each time you return to the dashboard.

View your site activity

Once you enter into the site activity page, a display of All of the recent site Activity is the default view. From here, you’ll be able to select from the list of the left, which activity you would like to inspect further.

Full view of all site activity

How to use Site Activity

Site activity is a handy tool that is useful in tracking down issues with signups, failed transactions, or inspecting recent signups.

Site activity is the best place to inspect if you are curious about what’s happening with a particular subscription. Often times, you’ll find activity logged under a one of the “Failure” categories that is not attached to a subscription.

Hover for Exact Data

Chargify displays extra activity for certain site activities. If you’d like to know more about a particular activity, simply hover your mouse over the display of the event. Hover over Credit card updated to learn more information about what information has changed.

Extra information in site activity


Under the category All you’ll be able to view every piece of recent activity logged for your site. This is a great place to start familiarizing yourself with how activity is logged in Chargify. From here, we suggest drilling down into the sub-categories to understand how events are recorded in Chargify.

Billing Date Change

Any activity found under Billing Date Change indicates any change to the billing date that is initiated explicitly by altering the billing date via the application or the API. This will not be triggered upon a normal renewal and period advancement, or a migration.

The example below illustrates how the old (from) date is indicated, as well as the new (to) date:

Billing date change activity

Component Allocation Change

Any change to a subscription’s quantity-based component allocation or enabled status of an on/off component that is made after signup.

This event will not be logged if allocations are set as a part of the subscription creation (i.e. signup) – it only fires upon subsequent changes.

Component allocation change activity

Customer Created

If a customer has been successfully created in Chargify, we will log an event in this category.

Customer created activity

Customer Update

Any change to the following customer fields: first_name, last_name, organization, email, reference, address, address 2, city, state, zip, country, phone.

Customer update activity

Dunning Step Reached

When a subscription reaches any step of the dunning process, an entry will be logged here.

Dunning step reached activity

Expiration Date Change

Any change in an expiration date for a subscription will be located under Expiration Date Change activitiy. Also applicable if the expires_at timestamp is updated in the subscription.


Expiration date change activity

Expiring Card

A periodic event sent by Chargify indicating that a card is expiring within the month.

Expiring card activity

Metered Usage

Any reported usage for a subscription’s metered components.

Event data will not be logged when the unit balance is reset to 0 at the time of renewal.


Metered usage activity

Payment Failure

Any activity found under Payment Failure indicates that an attempt was made to process a card on file at the gateway. A payment can fail for a number of reasons. Please see our FAQ on Why credit card charges fail.

Clicking on the payment amount links to the transaction. Selecting the subscriber’s name / plan will take you to the subscriber’s summary.

Payment failure activity

Payment Success

Any activity found under Payment Success indicates a successful payment by a customer. This can be via the API, application, or Billing Portal. Here is an example of the information found under Payment Success:

Payment success activity

Clicking the subscriber’s name will bring you to their subscription entry. Selecting the payment amount will bring you to the transaction record.

Refund Failure

Any activity found under Refund Failure indicates a failure was encountered while trying to process a refund through the current gateway.

Selecting the link will take you to the subscriber’s summary.


Refund failure activity

Refund Success

Any activity found under Refund Success indicates a successful has been applied to a subscription. This includes both refunds processed via the gateway & external refunds. FYI external refunds are not processed through the gateway.

Refund success activity

Renewal Failure

Any activity found under Renewal Failure indicates a subscription renewal has failed, i.e. the credit card is declined.

Renewal failure activity

Renewal Success

Any activity found under Renewal Success indicates a successful periodic renewal has occurred.

Renewal success activity

Signup Failure

Any activity found under Signup Failures indicates any failed signup (subscription failed to begin) via the API, application, or Public Pages.

You can quickly email the subscriber, navigate to the product the subscriber failed to purchase, or inspect the transaction from this view.

Signup failure activity

Signup Success

Any activity found under Signup Success indicates any successful signup (subscription created) via the API, application, or Public Pages.

Clicking the link will direct you towards the subscriptions summary.

Signup success activity

Statement Closed

When a statement closes in Chargify, it will be indicated here.

Statement closed activity

Statement Settled

When a statement is settled, you will be show a list of settled statements.

Statement settled activity

Subscription Card Update

Any activity found under Subscription Card Update indicates that a credit card for a subscriber was updated. This can be by the Billing Portal, Chargify application or API.

Selecting the link will take you to the subscriber’s summary.

Subscription card update activity

Subscription Product Change

Any activity found under Subscription Product Change indicates a successful change from an old product to a new product for a subscription.

Subscription product change activity

Subscription State Change

Any activity found under Subscription State Change indicates that there was a state change to the subscription. Common examples are subscription state changes from active to canceled, past due to active, etc.

Subscription state change activity

Transaction Deleted

If a transaction is deleted from a subscription, an entry will be logged here. Please note that only external payments on open statements can be deleted.

Transaction deleted activity

Trial End Notice

Activity found under Trial End Notice indicates that a trial is ending within 3 days.

Trial end notice activity

Upcoming Renewal Notice

Activity found under Upcoming Renewal Notice indicates that a subscription is set to renew within 3 days.

Selecting the word renewal will link you directly to the user’s subscription.

Upcoming renewal notice activity

Upgrade Downgrade Failure

Any failed attempt to upgrade/downgrade a subscription.

Upgrade downgrade failure activity

Upgrade Downgrade Success

Any successful upgrade/downgrade of a subscription.

Upgrade downgrade success activity
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