Coupon FAQ

How is archiving coupons different from expired coupons?

Archived coupons: If you archive a coupon, this prevents anyone from using the coupon on new subscriptions. The coupon will still be honored for existing customers who have already applied the coupon to their subscription. The coupon will remain valid until the remaining uses are exhausted.

Expired Coupons: If you set an Expiration Date for a coupon, it can no longer be added to subscriptions after the end of that day in your time zone.

How do I unarchive a coupon?

Unarchiving a coupon is simple. Just select the coupon you wish to unarchive and you’re done!

The code that customers will enter to redeem the coupon


You’ll be presented with a simple dialog box that confirms your choice.

The code that customers will enter to redeem the coupon


You’re now free to resume distributing this unarchived coupon amongst your selected subscribers.

What are the differences between coupons and coupon codes?

Coupons are a great way to give your Subscribers a discount, when applicable. Since coupon codes can easily be shared through word of mouth or social media, there are times when you want coupons to be unique. Use coupon codes to create unique versions of a master coupon.

For example, you may have the coupone 50OFF. Create a set of unique coupon codes that reside under the umbrella of your 50OFF coupon. An example would be 50OFFMM9280.

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