How Am I Billed For Chargify?

This page explains Chargify’s calculation of what is due for our services based on our pricing plans launched Feb 1, 2021.

What Determines My Bill?

The aspects of usage that we consider when determining your bill depend on the plan to which you are subscribed. In general, we consider the following aspects of usage:

  • Your base plan fee
  • The net billings invoiced through Chargify
  • The number of non-paying (free) subscribers you maintain

When Is My Usage/Revenue Calculated?

The base plan fee is paid in advance. All other aspects are considered “usage” and are billed in arrears.

Reviewing Your Usage

We report your usage for your review:

  • A summary is shown as a line item on your invoice

Invoice Line Item Summaries

The invoice line item shows both the count of your usage and the amount we billed for it. For example, if you bill $100,000 through Chargify from January 5th to February 5th, your February 5th invoice will have a line item indicating 100,000 dollars billed and a corresponding charge (assuming a plan that charges 1.2% of revenue) of $1,200.

Usage Details

Your total net billings includes all invoices that were issued, minus any credit notes applied or amounts voided.

For sites on the legacy Statements architecture, your total net billings considers all charges, credits, and adjustments.
Adjustments or credits resulting in a negative subscription balance will offset future charges.

Deleting a subscription will not remove any amounts from your net billings. Be sure to void any invoices or credit any charges, and wait for us to process these events, before deleting a subscription.

Calculating Elements of Usage

Usage calculations specified by your plan.

Non-Paying Subscriber Counts

We count the number of Active or Trialing subscriptions that are not collecting revenue that exist at the end of the usage window. Canceled subscriptions are omitted from this count.

Currency Conversion

All revenue is converted from the site currency to USD before we record the usage. We pull exchange rates daily from Open Exchange Rates. Then, we use the latest exchange rates we have when calculating your revenue usage to convert your site’s total revenue to USD.

Aggregation Across Sites

We aggregate all of your usage across all of your live sites. When conversion (such as currency conversion) is necessary, each amount is converted as it is recorded, and we then sum all of the converted values to arrive at the total Usage.

If you still have question on how you are being billed, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or Chargify support at
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