Upgrading to the Modern Layout

Our new signup pages are beautiful, mobile-friendly, and optimized for conversion. We highly recommend customizing only the logo and using custom CSS/JS only when absolutely necessary.

Example of Chargify's modern Public Signup Pages

Upgrading With No Custom CSS/JS

This is the simplest way to upgrade from the Classic (v1) to the Modern (v2) layout. An existing Public Signup Page can be updated by editing it’s layout version in: Setup > Public Signup Pages > Edit.

Select your new layout version

This will automatically adjust the layout for both your Public Signup Page and it’s Receipt page.

Upgrading With Custom CSS/JS

Since the Modern layout uses different markup than the Classic layout, custom CSS/JS cannot be automatically applied to the new layout. You will have to use the Custom JavaScript and CSS (Modern) guide to style the new layout.

If you want to upgrade without carrying over your custom CSS/JS, you can edit your Public Signup Page layout version to Modern (v2) and it will update to the new design.

For global default custom CSS/JS, we have separated the two layouts. You can create global defaults for all Public Pages on the Modern (v2), and separate defaults for Public Pages using Classic (v1).

Select your new layout version

Moving All PSPs To The Modern Layout

If you’d like to move ALL of your PSPs to the Modern layout, you can visit: Setup > Public Signup Pages and select the “Bulk Update Layout” button at the top of the screen.

Warning: This will update ALL of your Public Signup Pages to the new layout and cannot be reversed.

Custom CSS / JS that you have on individual pages may no longer work. Global custom CSS / JS will no longer apply, but default values for the Modern (v2) layout can be added in your site settings.

Upgrade all of your Public Signup Pages
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