Proforma Invoices

Control proforma invoices numbering, automated proforma invoice generation and email settings.

Proforma Invoice Email Settings

This allows you to edit the email template that will be used when proforma invoice emails are sent. Clicking on the button “Email Template” will allow you to customize the email to your needs. More information about editing email templates in Advanced Billing can be found here Email Templates


Additionally, in this email setting box is an option to include a PDF version of the proforma invoice in the proforma invoice email. Enabling this will automatically attach a PDF to the proforma invoice email.

Automated Proforma Invoice Generation

If the option to “Automatically Generate Proforma Invoices” is selected, proforma invoices can be set up to be automatically generated and emailed to customers.

After the option has been enabled additional fields will appear.


Selecting “Generate proforma invoice for all products (current and future)” can be used to set automatic proforma invoice creation for subscription across all products at a set time before renewal. For example if 15 days is entered a proforma invoice will automatically be generated 15 days before the subscriptions renewal.


If “Generate proforma invoice for only the products I choose” is selected you will be able to set automatic proforma invoice generation times for selected products and their price points by creating a new rule. For example if a product has two price points, monthly and annual. The monthly price point could have a rule set to create a proforma invoice 15 days before renewal. While the annual product could have a rule that proforma invoices are automatically generated 150 days out from renewal as reminder to the customer what their next bill will be.

Advanced Billing has also added a new webhook proforma_invoice_issued that can used to see when proforma invoices have been issued. More information on this webhook can be found here: Webhooks

Proforma Invoice Start Number

The proforma invoice start offset allows you to set the first invoice number. Example: If the offset is 20 then the first invoice will be 21, if the offset is 30 the first invoice will be 31. The starting offset must be at least 20 to prevent invoice number duplication.

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