Price Points: Components

Using Component Price Points

This section focuses on recording price point-based components on current subscriptions. In order to for this section to be useful to your organization, you must currently be using price points. If you’re not sure what price points are in Advanced Billing, see the Components article.

Recording Component Usage

When recording any usage for the first time for a subscription, Advanced Billing will automatically select the default price point for the existing component settings.

As an example, please take a look at the component price point below and the subscription example. Advanced Billing gives you the option of using the default price point or selecting any additional price points when you record components.

$10.00 is the default price point on the component

$10.00 is the default option on the subscription

Price Point Limitations

Price points metered usage can only be one price point during a recurring period.


Specific considerations must be taken when understanding how price points work. At the time of publication, merchants may only record one price point per component for a subscriber’s recurring period.

Quantity Component Example

  • A subscriber has a quantity-based component called “Standard” associated with their monthly subscription
  • 10 quantity components are recorded on the 10th of the month, for the “Standard” price point
  • A total of 20 quantity components are recorded on the 15th of the month at the “Special” price
  • The result is a total of 20 components are recorded at the “Special” price point

  • All previously-recorded components will still reflect that they were originally recorded as different price points.
  • However, the total amount due on the actual subscription is reflected in the cost of all components calculated using the most recent “Special” price point
Original price point recorded

Recording new price point on existing subscription

Evidence of previous price points recorded

Total component cost

Total next billing based on component total

Changing the Default Price Point

If you change the current default price point on a component, the subscription’s current price point is not affected. The subscription will still be associated with the previously recorded price point.

New default price point

Viewing the subscription's current price point, after the component's default price point was changed

Updating the Price Point

The price point used on a component can be updated when allocating a new quantity, or it can be changed separately from the main components (line items) view:

Select "Update Price Point"

Select the new price point
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