Searching Subscriptions

Advanced Billing gives you two options for searching for subscriptions:

1) Use the quick find feature to quickly search across all your sites with just a few keystrokes. Please follow the link to the documentation to learn more.

2) Search within the Billing section to locate subscriptions/customers within your current site.

  • Search Term

In the search term box, Advanced Billing gives you a number of options of how to locate a subscription. In addition to filtering by date, you may search by the following items:

  • Full name
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Organization
  • Subscription Reference
  • Customer Reference
  • Last four digits of an active credit card

Filtering by subscription status is also possible by selecting the dropdown to the right of the search box. For more information of Subscription Statuses please visit this documentation.



The filter can be used to also sort out subscription to better find the needed subscriptions. The filter contains the following critera that can be used to sort:

Date Type

  • Period Ends: When you enter dates in the period that ends “From Date” & “To Date”, you are targeting the search by the next billing date.

  • Period Started: Search by the date the current billing period begins

  • Created: Search by the date the subscription was created on

  • Activated at: Search by the date the subscription was activated on

  • Canceled: Search by the date the subscription was canceled

  • Expires: Search by the expiration date of a subscription
  • Trial Started: Search by the date the trial started

  • Trial Ends: Search by the date the trial ended

  • Updated at: Dates during which a subscription’s attributes were updated


Date Range

This can be set to a current range of dates that the Date Type needs to filter through.



Locate subscribers by-product by using the dropdown option labeled “Products”.




Locate subscribers by-component by using the dropdown option labeled “Components”.

Price Point

If a product has multiple price points, you will be given the option to narrow down your subscriptions by the current price point they are subscribed to in Advanced Billing.

Multiple can be added by using the plus button to add, and a the trash icon to remove.


Custom Fields

Locate subscribers by Custom Fields by first choosing one using the “Custom Field” dropdown and then putting the value in the “Custom Field Value” field/selecting one from the “Custom Field Value” dropdown, depending on the type of the Field.


You might want to add additional Custom Fields filters by clicking on the plus sign button or remove them using the corresponding trash sign button.

For more information on Custom Fields, please see the following article here.

Group Status

Locate subscriptions whether they are in a Subscription Group or if they are just an individual subscription. For more information on Subscription Groups, please look at our documentation on the subject.


Dunning Exemptions

Locate subscriptions by whether the subscription is dunning exempt or not. More information on this can be found in this documentation.


Payment Gateway

Locate subscriptions based on thier current Payment Gateway. This can be filtered through all the current added gateways of different kinds as well multiple of the same kind. To learn more about Payment Gateways please look into this documentation



Locate subscriptions based on thier Currency. This will include everyone on a particular currency and will be limited to the amount of currencies the site has. To learn more about currencties, please visit our docs on the subject here.


Search Limitations

In the subscription tab, you may not search by the following attributes:

  • Credit card name
  • Billing address
  • Phone
  • Address information (city, state, zip, etc)
  • VAT

Additionally, you may not search for multiple products or multiple statuses at one time.

Combining Filters

Feel free to combine filters to obtain the correct set of subscriptions. You’ll easily be able to combine filters such as:

  • Period ends & products
  • Products & status
  • Period ends & status
  • Period ends & products & status
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