GoCardless is payment platform that allows Advanced Billing merchants to easily collect Direct Debit payments. Your subscriber may easily add existing banking information to seamlessly pay for products and services.


Geographic Requirements

In order to use GoCardless, a merchant must be located within one of the following countries:

Åland Islands Ireland Réunion
Australia Italy San Marino
Austria Latvia Slovakia
Belgium Lithuania Slovenia
Canada Luxembourg Spain
Cyprus Malta Saint Barthélemy
Denmark Martinique Saint Martin
France Mayotte Saint Pierre & Miquelon
French Guiana Monaco Sweden
Germany Netherlands United Kingdom
Greece New Zealand United States
Guadeloupe Portugal  

Billing Address

When using GoCardless, a complete billing address must be supplied with each payment method for a subscription. A complete payment method must include the following items:

  • Street address
  • Street address line 2 (optional)
  • City
  • State
  • 2 digit country code
  • Postal / zip code

Please note that even if the product does not require an address, the GoCardless gateway requires the address to be entered on the payment form.

Supported Currencies

GoCardless is supported for the following currencies:

  • AUD
  • CAD
  • DKK
  • EUR
  • GBP
  • NZD
  • SEK
  • USD


  • GoCardless only supports Direct Debit. That said, with multi-gateway enabled, another gateway can be configured to accept credit cards and other payment methods
  • We allow merchants using Relationship Invoicing to use GoCardless
  • GoCardless may not be used with Advanced Billing sites that use the legacy invoices / statements functionality.
  • In order to process refunds, GoCardless must approve your merchant account beforehand.
  • Bank accounts may not be created from within the admin UI, including when manually creating a subscription.
    • This is because the customer must view and confirm the details of their mandate, which is not possible if another individual is entering the information for them.
    • When creating a subscription manually, a workaround is to sign the customer up on a free trial or with a future billing date so they can enter their bank account information after signup.
  • Advanced Billing currently does not support the GoCardless automatic retrying of failed payments feature.
  • Partial payments are not supported. Only a payment for the full amount of the invoice may be applied.

GoCardless Setup

To begin using GoCardless in your Advanced Billing site, select “Connect with GoCardless” in your settings for your site. Setting up the connection between Advanced Billing and GoCardless is easy and secure thanks to GoCardless’s OAuth feature. All that’s required is that you enter your email address and password and we’ll handle the rest.

Enable GoCardless in your site

From here, you’ll be securely redirected to the GoCardless where there are two options:

  • If you already have a GoCardless account, select “Sign In” at the bottom of the page to continue.
  • If you do not have a GoCardless account, complete the form to create an account.
Signup / login to GoCardless


If you're currently logged into GoCardless, select "Connect account".

Once you've connected you will be redirected back to your Advanced Billing site

You may connect a GoCardless account to multiple Advanced Billing sites within the same Advanced Billing account.

Specific Workflows

Now that your Advanced Billing site is connected to GoCardless, it’s time to start accepting subscriptions that contain Direct Debit information as a payment method. We’re going to review two ways to create subscriptions with bank account information as payment via GoCardless. Both workflows will follow the same path:

  1. Create a subscription to a product in Advanced Billing
  2. Provide contact information, including full billing address
  3. Include IBAN / banking information as the payment method
  4. Confirm the mandate for the current subscription
  5. View on-screen receipt for subscription or be redirected to a thank you page

In order to understand how GoCardless works with Advanced Billing, it’s important as the merchant that you’re aware how mandates work. A mandate is required in order for a payment method to be deemed valid by the rules that govern Direct Debit.

Mandates Explained

Once a subscriber has successfully entered their banking information, GoCardless will issue a mandate to authorize funds transfer. This applies to banking information that is entered via a Public Signup Page or Self-Service Page.

To be transparent, a mandate is an authorization from your subscriber that grants permission to process current and future payments. For more information on mandates, please see the mandate guide from GoCardless.

Public Signup Page Flow

Using GoCardless to accept paymens via Public Signup Pages is extremely straightforward. Your subscriber will provide the following steps when they purchase a product:

  1. Customer-based information
  2. Complete bank information, include IBAN
  3. Complete billing address

Once a subscriber selects Place my order, they will be asked to confirm the Direct Debit mandate. The subscriber must agree to the mandate in order to complete the purchase.

Confirm purchase within Public Signup Page

Agree to Direct Deposit mandate

Receipt page confirming Direct Deposit mandate agreement

From here, all recurring payments will be processed via the payment method provided at signup. Subscribers will have the option to update their card via Self-Signup Pages, which we’ll discuss below.

Self Service Page Flow

Occasionally your subscriber will need to update their payment method. They can do this easily using a Self-Service Page. If you’re unfamiliar with how Self-Service pages work, we recommend reviewing an overview on how these pages function.

When an existing subscriber visits a Self-Service Page, they will be provided the option to enter a new bank account.

Example Self-Service Page

Once they enter valid information, they will confirm the mandate for the new payment method associated with the subscription.

Confirm mandate for new payment method

For the Multi Gateway feature, the customer can change their Payment Profile to a different payment method if one is set. The only restriction to that is when a Direct Debit payment is still pending. Until it is resolved, the customer can only change their Payment Profile to another Direct Debit Account.


Refunds can be processed after GoCardless is connected to the Advanced Billing Site. However, this will require a reconnection to the integration. To do this, go into the GoCardless gateway setting after its connected and select the "Reconnect Gateway" button.

Screenshot 2024-05-20 at 1.52.36 PM.png

Once your GoCardless account can process refunds, payments that have been in the confirmed state for at least 2 days (48 hours) before a refund can be initiated.

To learn more about how to process refunds for your subscriptions in your Advanced Billing site, please see the instructions under subscription summary actions.

Customer Import

When connecting to your GoCardless account, it’s possible to import customers and payment profiles from GoCardless into Advanced Billing. The import functionality will appear as a pop-up as long as there are customers within GoCardless that aren’t inside Advanced Billing; this pop-up can be triggered when first connecting to GoCardless as well as reconnecting.


Please note that this process only imports customers and bank accounts. Once those are pushed into Advanced Billing, to charge these customers, subscriptions must be created in Advanced Billing for them. Ensure that any subscriptions in GoCardless are canceled prior to re-creating them in Advanced Billing.


There are three new webhooks in Advanced Billing that are related to payments status change:

  • direct_debit_payment_pending - this webhook is sent when payment was created and submitted in GoCardless (payment is waiting for being processes)
  • direct_debit_payment_paid_out - this webhook is sent when payment was successfully processed in GoCardless
  • direct_debit_payment_rejected - this webhook is sent when payment was rejected in GoCardless (e.g. insufficient funds on the customer account)

For more information about webhooks see our Webhooks Reference

Helpful Hints

GoCardless Test Accounts

  • During testing, please refer to the GoCardless developer guide for test bank account numbers.

  • When entering a billing address, the billing country must match the country code for the IBAN number.

    • For example if you provide a French IBAN number, FR1420041010050500013M02606, the country code for the billing address must be France.
    • Mixing of country codes for IBAN numbers and billing addresses is not supported.
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