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Advanced Billing supports two Payment Collection methods: Automatic and Invoice Billing. By default, Advanced Billing uses automatic billing to bill your customer’s credit card every pay period.

Turning on Invoice Billing allows you to bill your customers manually by sending them an invoice each month. Subscriptions with invoice billing enabled will not be charged automatically.

The payment collection method can be set on a per subscription basis. The default option determines which payment collection method is used when customers sign up via the Public Signup Pages. The collection method can be set to either option when creating a subscription in the user interface.

If changes are made to the Invoice Settings, this will only affect invoices created in the future. Past invoices will not be affected.


Invoice Billing

Control the default behavior for invoicing generation

  • Off: Invoice Billing is not an option for subscriptions:

Turn invoicing off for your entire site. All subscriptions created will be charged automatically when they renew.

  • On: Invoice Billing is an option, but not the default:

Enable invoicing for your customers. During signup through the Advanced Billing application (not Public Signup Pages), a user of Advanced Billing will have the option to generate an invoice during subscription creation. The radio button under Payment Collection Method must manually be changed to Invoice Billing.

Select "Invoice Billing" when creating a new subscriber in the application

With invoice billing selected here, the customer is not automatically charged when the subscription is renewed. At the time of renewal, an invoice is created and (optionally) sent to the customer. You can then record the payments manually for the invoice when you receive them from your customer.

  • Invoice Billing is an option, and is the default:

This is very similar to the above setting, however Invoice Billing is the default option in the Advanced Billing application.

Example of a subscription that generates invoices-only

  • On: Invoice Billing is the only option for subscriptions:

Turn off automatic payments. All subscriptions created will be invoiced automatically when they renew. Payment will have to be remitted via the link provided to your customers in Invoice Emails. Otherwise, manual/external payments will have to be recorded on each invoice.

Note: If you set invoice billing to be the default and your customers use the Public Signup Pages to sign up, then all customers will be able to sign up to all plans without using a credit card.

Invoice Title

The invoice title will replace the word ‘invoice’ on invoices if your business requires that invoices be called by another name.


Invoice Start Offset

The invoice start offset allows you to set the first invoice number. Example: If the offset is 0 then the first invoice will be 1, if the offset is 10 the first invoice will be 11. The starting offset must be at least 2 to prevent invoice number duplication.


Invoice Payment Terms

Inform your Subscribers of the Payment Terms for your Site by displaying the payment terms on your invoice. Please note, this does not affect Dunning. This will be applied to all invoices under your Site.


Invoice Notes

Add a note to your invoices for instructions on where to remit payment. You can also add a friendly note to let your Subscribers know that you appreciate their loyalty.


If you wish to add an address to your Invoices, please use "Business Name" under the Statement Settings here.


$0 Product Line Items on Invoices

When the charge for your product is equal to $0, you can decide whether to show or hide $0 product line items on invoices. This option will also affect the billing portal


Send Invoice Emails to Customers

When an invoice is generated for a Subscription, Advanced Billing gives you the option of automatically sending the invoice to the email address on file. This is especially important, since you want to give your Subscribers the option to pay for their services. Once you Enable Invoice Emails a new window will appear, Include Credit Card Payment Link.


Send Invoice Emails to Customers When Balance Is $0.00

Suppress all $0.00 invoices. If for any reason a $0.00 invoice is generated by Advanced Billing, we will not send it to the email address on file. However, it will still appear be generated and attached to the Subscription.


Attach PDF Invoice to Email

Include a PDF version of an invoice along with the invoice notification. Subscribers can save a PDF version for their records, or submit to appropriate department for accounting purposes.


In the email to your subscriber, select whether or not to allow Subscribers to pay via credit card.


If you uploaded a logo in your Public Signup Page Default settings, select whether or not to inlcude it in your invoices.


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