Legacy Subscription Options

The following actions are for legacy architecture only. Most of these functions can now be found on the Invoice tab.

Please be aware that this article covers one of the many actions available for managing your subscriptions. If you would like more information, please check out this help article: Subscription Actions Overview.

Add Charge (Legacy Option)

Select add charge to add a one-time charge to an existing subscription, please see our reference page on adding a one-time-charge.

Adjust Balance (Legacy Option)

The subscription balance is the amount of money that the customer owes or is owed. Making any changes to the existing balance is referred to as an adjustment. Adding an adjustment to a subscription will either increase or decrease this balance. The customer’s payment method (credit card or bank account) will not be charged.

  • When you decrease a balance, you are subtracting this amount from the current balance.
  • A subscription with a negative balance has an existing credit

  • When you increase a balance, you are adding to the amount under the current balance.
  • A subscription with a positive balance has an amount due.

How to adjust a balance:

  • Select adjust balance from the “actions” menu
  • Choose the action from the drop-down menu:
    • Decrease the subscription balance by:
    • Increase the subscription balance by:
    • Set the subscription’s balance to:
  • Enter the amount of the adjustment
  • Enter the associated memo for the adjustment
Adjusting a subscription's balance

For more information on adjustments, please view our documentation here.

Process Refund (Legacy Option)

Please note this is a function that only exists in our legacy statement architecture. Refunds are now done on each individual invoice.

When you select process refund, Advanced Billing will initiate a transaction to the payment gateway on your site. This is only an option if the gateway you are using accepts refunds through Advanced Billing.

You will not be able to refund more than the amount specified that is available.

How to process a refund:

  • Select process refund from the “actions” menu
  • Choose from the available refunds. If no refunds are available, your gateway may not support refunds.
  • Once you have selected the payment you would like to refund, enter the amount of the refund. Be sure to leave a descriptive memo!
Select the payment you'd like to refund

Enter the details of the refund you'd like to process

For more information on refunds, please view our documentation here.

Record external payment (Legacy Option)

Please note this is a function that only exists in our legacy statement architecture. External payments can now be done via "Prepayments". You may want to record a payment in order to capture the revenue within Advanced Billing and alter the subscription’s balance when:

  • Your customer paid you by check
  • You captured the payment on their credit card outside of Advanced Billing, e.g. at your virtual terminal
  • In any case that you receive payment from your customer outside of Advanced Billing, and want to record it within Advanced Billing

Recording manual payments have the following effects:

  • The subscription’s balance (i.e. amount due) is reduced by the amount of the payment entered
  • Advanced Billing does NOT interact with the payment gateway or touch a credit card at all

How to record an external payment:

  • Select record external payment from the actions menu.
  • Required: record the amount
  • Optional: record a memo for the payment. Be sure to give it some description!
Record an external payment

Record external refund (Legacy Option)

Please note this is a function that only exists in our legacy statement architecture. This can now be done via individual invoices.

Recording an external refund has the following effects:

  • The subscription’s revenue is reduced by the amount of the refund entered
  • The subscription’s balance (i.e. amount due) is NOT changed
  • Advanced Billing does NOT interact with the payment gateway or touch a credit card in any way

How to record an external refund:

  • Select Record External refund from the Actions menu.
  • Required: Enter the amount you wish to record in a refund in the amount field.
  • Required: Be sure to use the memo field to record a reason for the refund.
Record external refund

For more information on refunds, please view our documentation here.

Activate Now (Legacy Option)


Locating the Activate button


This feature is only available on the Relationship Invoicing architecture. Subscriptions in a group may not be activated immediately.

Sometimes, a subscription that is currently trialing or awaiting signup needs to end its period immediately and become active. The “activate” feature allows a trialing subscription or a subscription with a delayed signup to process immediately to enter its next state. The next state is determined based on the product settings, whether the activation succeeds, and which failure option is chosen. For example, a trialing subscription may become trial ended, canceled, active, past due, or stay trialing; an awaiting signup subscription may become trialing, active, canceled, or stay awaiting signup.

In the case of an activation failure, there are two behavioral options to choose from. The first option, which is also the default, is “Revert activation”, which means do not change the subscription’s state if payment fails. The subscription’s billing period will also remain the same. After working out and fixing the cause of failure with the customer, you’ll be able to attempt the activation again.

The second option is “Act as failed activation”, which means to continue through with the activation and enter an end of life state. For trialing subscriptions, that will either be trial ended (if the trial is no obligation), past due (if the trial has an obligation), or canceled (if the site has no dunning strategy, or has a strategy that says to cancel immediately). For subscriptions with delayed signups, that will always be canceled.

The default activation failure behavior can be configured per activation attempt, or you may set a default value under Config > Settings > Subscription Activation Settings.

Regardless of the failure option chosen, the following actions will take place:

  • the invoice from activation will be voided
  • any prepayments and credits applied to the invoice will be returned to the subscription
  • metered components usage against the subscription will be restored to the usage before the activation attempt


Activation options

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