Xero Integration FAQs

Please be aware that this article is related to Advanced Billing's integration with Xero. The Xero integration syncs based on Advanced Billing statements. You can learn more about the Xero integration by checking out this help article: Xero Integration Overview.

Does this integration work with my Relationship Invoicing (RI) site?

Not all features of this integration work with RI sites. This integration supports statements as opposed to invoices. This is also the primary function of RI sites. Due to this, the sync to Xero is based on statements and it will not sync every time an invoice is created. Please be aware that an invoice will not sync immediately during the following occasions:

  • Ad Hoc Invoice - since this is not a renewal or signup event, Ad Hoc Invoices will not sync to Xero until the billing period closes/when the subscription renews.
  • Mid-period component allocations- similar to Ad Hoc Invoices, these charges are not the result of signup or renewal so the invoices created from these charges will not sync until the billing period closes.

Can I merge my existing Xero contact with one Advanced Billing created?

As described in the overview section, we require that the contact number / contact code 1) exist on the contact and 2) match the format we expect in order to sync to it. This means that the existing Xero contact must be merged into the Advanced Billing-created one.

If this is done the other way around, the Advanced Billing-created contact will become archived. However, the integration is unable to sync to archived records, and no invoices will be able to be synced until the Advanced Billing-created contact is restored or edited. Please feel free to contact Maxio support if you would like help merging contacts.

Why does Advanced Billing create duplicate contacts?

If the contact existed in Xero prior to your enabling Advanced Billing’s Xero integration, then unfortunately, this is going to happen.

We have no way of knowing that a “John Smith” in your Xero Organization is in fact the same one that we have in Advanced Billing, so we must create a new contact. A way around this would be edit the Xero contact’s number via API as described in the overview section.

Are old statements & transactions synced to Xero?

The integration does not have an option for a historical sync. In other words, only new statements and invoices that are created after you enable the integration will be sent to Xero.

That said, if the Xero integration becomes disconnected for any reason after it was previously enabled, when you reconnect, all statements that were missed during during that period will be synced over automatically. The Xero API has a limit on the number of invoices that may be synced in a given day; depending on the number of invoices that were missed, it may take a few days for all of them to sync over.

Can I associate different transactions with different sales or revenue accounts in Xero?

No, at this time, you can only pick one account for all of your invoice line items.

What happens if an Advanced Billing-created tax rate is deleted in Xero?

The short answer is: nothing too bad. We detect that the tax rate has “gone away”, and we re-sync it with Xero. However, this will have the effect of creating a different tax rate in Xero, with a different name, but with the same rates. Since this will segment your tax reports unnecessarily we recommend that you do not delete the rates we create in Xero.

Can I connect multiple Advanced Billing Sites to my Xero Organization?

Yes, you can connect more than one Advanced Billing Site to the same Xero Organization.

What if I need to change the Xero Organization that my Advanced Billing Site is connected to?

If you have connected an Advanced Billing Site to a Xero Organization and later need to switch to a different Xero Organization, please contact support.

Why does Advanced Billing append a number to the Contact Name?

Xero currently requires that Contact Names be unique within an Organization, which is why we append the Advanced Billing Customer ID in parentheses.

Does the integration sync custom field data?

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